Friday, September 6, 2013

Columbus iPhone App Gets Update

Yes, the City of Columbus has an iPhone app.  And an Android App, if you're so inclined.  

It's actually been out for a couple of years now, and it gives locations of city services and the like.  I've not mentioned the thing here on Carless Columbus in the past because, frankly, I haven't found it all that useful (and if the features I'm talking about have actually been part of the app in the past, I apologize, I just discovered them recently).  

But, I'm happy to say that's changed.  The app now has a link to the Columbus 311 service line where you can file service requests with the city to get things fixed!  This includes issues like potholes, requesting bike racks, and a multitude of other issues (not all bike- or even traffic-related).  So you need never worry about forgetting to file a request to have a pothole fixed again - just pull over (PLEASE) and file your claim as you find the pothole in question, or see a great spot for a bike rack, or whatever.  

Not that it has anything to do with carless commuting, but the app also lets us know when recycling and trash days are in the neighborhoods around the city.  This is definitely a big plus.  


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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Burley Travoy May Be the Perfect Bike Trailer

Been a while since I posted over here, but I saw a video today that I just couldn't help but share with everyone.

The Burley Travoy may just be the perfect bike trailer - with a simple interface to get it onto and off your bike, and also be useful in so many other ways.  I'll let the video speak for itself.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Ride of Silence - May 16, 6:45 Pm

The 2012 Ride of Silence is tomorrow night.

I've talked about this one before, and I still think it's the most important ride of the year, no matter if you ride a commuter special like me, a carbon fiber speed demon, a DIY fixie, or a Huffy with a banana seat. Come out and join us!

This year we have a special speaker, Steve Magas from Cincinnati. Magas is well known in Ohio as the "Bike Lawyer" and as the defending attorney who successfully protected cyclists rights in Trotwood vs. Selz. Looking forward to that one!

If you're not in Columbus, find a ride near you!

People, not speed.

Dispatch Features Bike Commuting Tips Article

Today's Columbus Dispatch features an article by Joe Blundo with tips from veteran bike commuters giving their best tips for new bike riders for Bike to Work Month.

Please be sure to read it wearing your special safety goggles - a couple of the pictures aren't fit for publication.  ;)

In all seriousness, thanks to Joe for his attention to this issue and I'd like to commend all the respondents for their great tips!

Some interesting takeaways from this:

  • All the respondents mentioned riding slowly.  Definitely better for safety if you're riding slowly and in control.  
  • Everyone also eschewed "bike clothing" as much as possible.  That surprised me, pleasantly. 
  • Blundo did a good job of addressing some of the key points that people come up with about why they can't bike commute with the tips he picked.  
  • Loved Alec's off-the-cuff comments about the two-mile rule.  Great point, Alec. 
  • Also loved Jessica's comment about "it's not a one-year phase."  Nope.  This has gotten bigger every year since I started paying attention, and it's all good.  There are fads and there are cultural shifts - this is most definitely the latter!  

People, not speed.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Back on the Saddle Musings

It's only appropriate, with this being National Bike Month, that I got back into the saddle for the first time in a while. I did so with a number of feelings of trepidation given what I've been observing in the world of bike commuting since stopping my full time cycling: lots more cyclists, but also lots more lawless riding and dangerous behavior.

I'm not proud to say that I've been one of those cyclists who has given scofflaws a piece of my mind while riding before for not stopping at signs/lights, sidewalk riding, etc. And I was sort of steeling myself for the need to do more of this as I pumped up my tires, oiled my chain, and ran through my ABC Quick Check this morning.

And I was VERY pleasantly surprised.

Not once did I feel the need to say a word. My 7:15 to 7:45 ride down High Street from Clintonville to German Village and the afternoon return trips were both met with only a couple minor scofflaws among the numerous riders I encountered.

OSU was the site of most of the flaws, mostly sidewalk riders - but it was all stuff that Bike OSU has well in hand. They've done a wonderful job at keeping bike riders there aware of the law and safety issues, so many kudos to them.

And the positive behavior I saw was great. Cyclists taking the lane, signaling, and proper lane changes were everywhere.

Another thing I noticed was that cars were giving a much wider berth to cyclists. They're getting used to us out there and are learning to do deal with the reintroduction of the pedaling set into the flow of traffic. It was pretty cool. The safety-in-numbers gig was in full force, for sure.

So kudos to Yay Bikes!, Consider Biking, and all the passionate folks who have done a great job of being positive forces for cycling in Columbus. It's a real change from my regular cycling days of a couple years ago.

People, Not Speed

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Columbus Pondering Bike Rental Program Downtown

Just a quick note since I wrote an article on this for Examiner today and wanted to share it with everyone.  I think this idea has a lot of merit, but the entire picture of how cycling happens in the downtown area needs to be addressed - including enforcement and education.

People, not speed.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Save Money with Eversave and CarlessColumbus!

The folks over at Eversave have put together a pretty sweet infographic on ways to save money in Columbus, and a number of Columbus bloggers were asked to throw in a few tips (including yours truly)!

Eversave is a "daily deal" type website where they'll send you chances to save up to 90% on offerings from local businesses and they'd like to invite everyone to check them out!  (Clicking on the image will get you the full-sized infographic!).

Eversave Columbus

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