Burley Travoy May Be the Perfect Bike Trailer

Been a while since I posted over here, but I saw a video today that I just couldn't help but share with everyone.

The Burley Travoy may just be the perfect bike trailer - with a simple interface to get it onto and off your bike, and also be useful in so many other ways.  I'll let the video speak for itself.


  1. It will be useful for the cycle commuter, or those which shop by bike. If you'd prefer to bike to perform, and you don't have sufficient space to put the stuff in, this is a superb solution. It has a nifty little design, handy and hassle-free.

  2. I used a Single wheel bike trailer for my 3 kids. It was still in excellent condition and I just was able to pass it on to a new home! So happy to have found someone who will enjoy it! single wheel bicycle trailer

  3. Truly an amazing bike is Burley Travoy. I really like the video review of such bike. For me I think users will find such video highly informative.


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