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Friday, September 6, 2013

Columbus iPhone App Gets Update

Yes, the City of Columbus has an iPhone app.  And an Android App, if you're so inclined.  

It's actually been out for a couple of years now, and it gives locations of city services and the like.  I've not mentioned the thing here on Carless Columbus in the past because, frankly, I haven't found it all that useful (and if the features I'm talking about have actually been part of the app in the past, I apologize, I just discovered them recently).  

But, I'm happy to say that's changed.  The app now has a link to the Columbus 311 service line where you can file service requests with the city to get things fixed!  This includes issues like potholes, requesting bike racks, and a multitude of other issues (not all bike- or even traffic-related).  So you need never worry about forgetting to file a request to have a pothole fixed again - just pull over (PLEASE) and file your claim as you find the pothole in question, or see a great spot for a bike rack, or whatever.  

Not that it has anything to do with carless commuting, but the app also lets us know when recycling and trash days are in the neighborhoods around the city.  This is definitely a big plus.  


People, not speed.

Monday, March 14, 2011

The Lazy Randonneur Won't Dress Like a Traffic Cone, But I Will

A new (to me) blogger called the Lazy Randonneur wrote an excellent article today (that was reposted by the People For Bikes Facebook page) about the author's refusal to "dress like a traffic cone" while he rides.  And it's an article that I totally agree with, but I will admit that I do dress like a traffic cone.

The standpoint is that the author, who we'll call LR for the purposes of the article, does not wear reflective clothing for his riding.  The standpoint is one that I've ranted about many times: that cycling is just transportation, and he wants to get where he's going with the absolute minimum of fuss.  And that's a standpoint that I agree with, wholeheartedly.  I make recommendations on bikes and equipment that will make your bike transportation easier and more convenient, in my opinion.  We're not going to get more people to ride unless we do that very thing - make it easy as (or easier than) driving a car.

That being said, I wear a fluorescent green jacket when I ride my commute each day.  Would wearing a dark jacket, which is what I do wear when I ride the bus or for most of my local rides when I'm not commuting, be sufficient?  Yes.  I am of the strong opinion that most problems cyclists encounter with traffic are alleviated when they ride properly - out in the middle of the lane, away from the curb, and controlling the traffic around them by taking up the space that they're legally allowed (at least in Ohio).  And if you're riding at night, using proper bike lighting on the front and back of your bike helps with nighttime visibility issues.

So why do I wear a fluorescent jacket when I'm riding, if I agree entirely with LR?

Because it's worked for me so far.  I've been riding regularly for around five years now, and I have yet to be involved in any sort of accident.  I rarely even have close calls (granted, after five years, my definition of a close call and a new rider's definition might be two different things) because I ride conspicuously and look conspicuous.

Other than that, I try to do as little as possible to change clothes from my riding clothes to my work clothes.  And I ride in such a way (slow!) that makes that easier since I'm not sweating as much.

But if it ain't broke, don't fix it.  I have a lot riding on my regular daily safety.  And if I'm going to ride every day I should do what I can to remove as much of the risk as possible.  And though my riding style ensures that drivers are going to see me, wearing a fluorescent jacket or vest makes that even more clear.  That's not to say that people who don't partake in traffic cone chic are risking too much.  It's just my preference to do what's worked for me.

People, not speed.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Floodgates are Open...

Over on our Facebook page, we've started a discussion on the pros and cons of ALL bike-related infrastructure: bike lanes, sharrows, separated bike lanes, etc.

Do you think they're a good thing?  Are they right for Columbus?  Come on over and chime in with your opinion. 

People, not speed.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Should Cyclists vs. Motorists Be Repictured as Patient vs. Impatient?

There's an interesting report today on that states cyclists are not only likely to be car owners as well (which I think we all knew), but likely to have multiple cars (something that may surprise many of us).  The article goes on to say that perhaps cyclists vs. motorists is the wrong attitude to have, as most cyclists are also motorists.

Photo by Menage a Moi
Given who most cyclists are in this country (recreational cyclists), this doesn't surprise me in the least - but it is a paradigm shift that we need to take.

I suppose this goes along with the idea of cycling being the "new golf" as we've heard so much in the past few years.  Cycling is just about the ultimate techie sport - from the bikes themselves, to the clothes and riding gear to the ride recording gear such as computers and GPS receivers, there is absolutely no dearth of "stuff" to buy if you're a recreational cyclist.  And like most industries, there's more stuff coming out every day.

And the folks who buy bikes like that are also more likely to buy multiple cars - because they can, and because there's something of a materialistic bent to many fitness riders that I know.

But that's neither here nor there - what it says to me is that the issue we need to be fighting isn't so much a bikes vs. cars battle, but rather a battle for patience.  I'm willing to bet that many of those recreational cyclists who fight for cyclists' rights when they're riding turn around and road rage just as badly as any motorist when they get behind the wheel - including raging at cyclists who get in their way.

In fact, I've seen it.  Blogs such as this one and online newspaper stories about cyclists' issues and bike-car collisions inevitably get comments from the guy who says "I ride my bike, but I drive, too, and those cyclists need to stay to the right all the time..." and so forth.

The real issue is patience and tolerance.  Americans have such a heat-on for speed that they get downright irate if anything holds them up - and especially if it's another form of transportation than the one I'm operating.  I'll be honest, I get annoyed when I'm behind a car at a red light turning green and the car doesn't take off - whether I'm driving or riding. And yelling at them doesn't really help too much.

When I'm out there riding, now, I try to take the advice of Paul Kyriazi, a personal improvement guru that I've been following for a couple years now.  He suggests that when we're on the road, we should look at all the other vehicles out there as if they were part of a computer game, and forget entirely that there are other people behind those wheels.  If it's just a game, there's no point in getting angry or upset, you just deal with the obstacles that the game is throwing at you and try to get to the end as quickly as possible while following the rules of the game.

So do you agree with these notions?  Do you have tactics for keeping cool on the road?  What say you?

People, not speed.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

BikeColumbus Festival extends registration deadline for events

Looking to take part in the BikeColumbus Festival but haven't gotten your registration in for one or more of the events yet? Fear not - the online registration period has been EXTENDED to Thursday noon.

After that point, riders will need to register at the event (and pay $5.00 extra for the privilege of joining the rides!).

Plenty more information follows from Consider Biking:

BikeColumbus Pre-Registration Discount until noon Thursday!


Wow....the registrations for BikeColumbus events have been pouring in the last few days. The weather forecast looks great - We're gearing up for a great weekend!

We've extended the pre-registration discount until Thursday noon. We'll turn off the on-line registration at that point...and, you'll pay an extra $5 if you register on-site at the events on Friday or Saturday.

Pre-registering helps us plan the food, supply and volunteer needs. saves you a few bucks. Won't you please register now?

If you register on-site, we'll only be able to accept cash and checks. No credit cards.

Both the Mayor's Twilight Ride and the Barbour Memorial Ride are fully supported events. Through the generous sponsorship of our'll have a wonderful experience that includes marked routes, course marshals, food, music, and tons of great goodies. You'll get MORE THAN YOUR MONEY'S WORTH....and you'll rest assured that the proceeds will support bicycling safety and awareness programs. 'bout time, eh?

And INEEDA Bike Swap is bursting at the seams with vendors and individsuals bringing their bikes, parts & accessories to sell. There's still a limited amount of selling space available...if you have stuff to sell....please register soon.

Read on below for a few last minute pieces of information. We look forward to your participation this weekend!

Last Minute Bike Festival Fact Sheet / FAQs


Twilight Ride, Friday July 16th; 6-10 pm

Where is the event? Columbus Crew Stadium; 1 Black and Gold Blvd; Columbus, OH 43211

Where do I park? Parking is Free at Crew Stadium. For lot specifics, click here.

What time do we start?

  • Please join us for pre-ride festivities starting at 6 pm or come as early as 3 pm and enjoy the Ineedabike Swap activities.
  • Whether you choose the 20 mile route or the 9 mile neighborhood ride, both will get started at 8 pm.
  • We'll have the riders for the longer ride start first, then the 9 mile ride so we can assist riders along the route of their choosing.
  • Thanks to the Westerville Bike Club and others, we will have plenty of volunteers along the route to keep riders safe and to assure everyone makes the correct turns.

Where are the rest and food stops? Rest stop for 20 mile ride at McFerson Commons, 218 West Street at the Union Arch. Beverages, snacks. Light meal for both rides, Crew Stadium.

The fun of any ride is the Goody Bag, what SWAG can we expect? At the event...

  • Please visit the Crew table to pick up your hat and Crew Game Ticket which is free to registered riders. The game date is August 28 versus FC Dallas.
  • Get pumped for the Twilight ride by visiting the TREK table and get your cool bicycle blinkie tail light!
  • When you check in, we'll have you sign an emergency contact form and you'll receive a goody bag with a few more surprises.

Our Requests:

  • This is a ride at Twilight, so take steps to "Be Seen" like using a bike light, even a flashlight and duct tape works! Wear reflective clothing and maybe even get creative with glow sticks and such!
  • Adults and Youth must wear helmets. (If needed, loaner helmets will be available.)  Let's demonstrate rider safety as we're Cranking it Up through the streets of Columbus!  

Steve Barbour Memorial Tour, Saturday July 17th; 7 am - 5 pm

Where is the event? Downtown Columbus, McFerson Commons, 218 West St, Columbus, OH 43215  (The park with the Union Station Arch on Nationwide Blvd)

Where do I park? Arena District parking (pre-paid pass available)

What should I bring with me?

  • Your Registration Packet with maps / cue sheets and WRISTBAND provided.
  • Please Don't Forget your HELMET!
  • Always a good idea to carry a form of ID, (when bicycling)
  • Bike and Bike gear, i.e. Shoes, Spare Tube, Sun Protection, and potentially rain jacket / gear (DOW)
  • Water Bottle(s) for bike  *Water provided at Park

Can I bring a Friend or Family Member to ride with me? Yes, "Day of Ride" signups for all routes are available from 7:00am to 9:00am at the Registration Tent. You can also sign up prior to Day of Ride at any of the three Columbus BikeSource locations. If desired, please have Friend or Family Member arrive in plenty of time to leave with you. Let them know to bring $30.00 for "Day of Ride" Registration fee.

What time do I need to be ready to ride?

  • Rider Check In: 7:00am - 9:00am
  • Early Light Breakfast Snacks & Coffee Provided

Will all route distances be leaving at the same time? No, the scheduled start times for the 4) Route Options are:

  • 200K and 150K Rider Start: 7:30am
  • 100K Rider Start: 8:30am
  • 50K Rider Start: 9:30am

What is the easiest way to follow the route I have chosen? You will have multiple methods to KEEP YOU ON the Route!

  • Road Markings - All routes will have road markings that are visible in the form of WHITE painted stamps (see Signs at Registration Tent on Day of Ride). The flame at the end of the candlestick will mark the direction of your route, with any route turnoffs clearly identified.
  • Maps - Provided in your Reg. packet.
  • Cue Sheets - Provided in your Reg. packet.

Where are the Lunch/Snack Stops?

  • Lockbourne: YMCA Hoover Park - Available to 50K Riders ONLY
    Hours of Operation: 10:00am - 2:00pm
  • Circleville: Ted Lewis Park - Available to 100K Riders for Lunch Stop & 150K, 200K Riders for a Lunch and Return Snack Stop
    Hours of Operation: 9:00am - 5:00pm
  • Adelphi: Adelphi United Methodist Church - 200K Rider Lunch Stop ONLY
    Hours of Operation: 10:30am - 2:00pm

If I do one of the Barbour Memorial shorter routes, will I need to find transportation back to McFerson? No, all routes regardless of distance will START and END at McFerson Commons in the Arena District and will be round trip loops. There is a small portion of the return route (except 50K) that will overlap the same route out of Ted Lewis Park. The split for the return route is at S. Bloomfield Royalton. You simply stay on Walnut Creek for the return loop back into Columbus. (See Cue Sheets for exact turn by turn directions.)

There will be Support Vehicles (SAGs) driving all routes in order to assist you with any help you may need.

What happens if I get a flat tire while on the Ride? The Steve Barbour Memorial Tour is a fully supported ride with coverage for mechanical failures and other minor incidents via our SAG vehicles to make sure you arrive back to McFerson Commons park safely.

How do I identify a SAG vehicle should I need assistance? Look for large SAG magnetic signs on the SAG vehicles along the route. They are experienced support personnel and will be on the lookout for any mechanical or rider malfunctions.

What happens after we complete our 1rst BikeColumbus, Steve Barbour Memorial Tour?
Return to McFerson Park to enjoy the festivities of the day with a nice relaxing massage to ease those achy muscles, pickup your BikeSource / Specialized ice cold water bottle directly in front of the Arch, a bottle of EAS Myoplex or sample of MonaVie. Scamper over into the park for a delicious bite to eat while enjoying the camaraderie of your fellow cyclists for a "ride well done" and a thank you from Consider Biking, BikeSource and Columbus Outdoor Pursuits for your participation and support.

How do I make a donation to the Steve Barbour Memorial fund? Please make all checks payable to: Consider Biking with Steve Barbour Memorial Fund in the Memo line. You will receive a receipt for your donation within 4) weeks.

Ineeda Bike Swap, Friday July 16th; 3 pm - 7 pm

Where is the SWAP? VIP Tent on the plaza at Columbus Crew Stadium; 1 Black and Gold Blvd; Columbus, OH 43211

What is it? Bicycling buyers and sellers unite! For buyers, the Ineeda Bike Swap is your chance to find deals on the parts, bikes, and accessories you need to keep rolling. For sellers, you can lighten your gear load and make someone's day by offering great stuff. Don't miss this great event packed with private sellers, big name bike shops, educational seminars, plus food and beverages!

Who is selling? An updated list of the vendors can be viewed here.

Garrett Wonders Criterium, Sunday August 1, 12 - 7 pm

The Garrett Wonders Criterium is an exciting race which transforms the Downtown riverfront District into a bicycle racing wonderland for everyone from beginners to professionals.

Details and Registration link can be viewed here.

Other Questions:

What will be done with the money that is raised from the Bike Columbus Festival? All proceeds from the various events will support bicycling initiatives via two organizations:

  1. The Institute for Active Living at Columbus Public Health works to increase access to physical activity and nutritious food, to tackle the childhood obesity epidemic. It supports everthing from community gardens and local food systems to physical fitness equipment and bike safety. Consider Biking will use proceeds to support safety and awareness campaigns for cyclists on our roads.
  2. The Steve Barbour Memorial Fund will be used to provide education, encouragement and infrastructure needs to increase safety of bicyclists on our roads.

I have friends/relatives/coworkers who are interested, What should they do? We have online registration open until late on Wednesday July 14 or folks can register onsite for $30 for either ride (or $50 for the combo of Twilight + Barbour Memorial Tour). For further details, click here.

Cash and Checks are the only acceptable payment methods onsite, please plan accordingly.


Contact the Festival Team

For more information about the BikeColumbus Festival, you can reach us by phone or email.

Phone: Consider Biking @ 614-447-8894 (weekdays 9am - 6pm)

Barb Seckler @ 614-645-4798 (weekdays 8am - 6pm)

Email: or

Web: &

Further Consider Biking Contact Information


Web site -

Facebook - Facebook Page

Twitter - Considerbikeoh

Office Phone -(614) 447-8893

Executive Director, Jeff Stephens -

2 by 2012 Campaign Manager, Bryan Saums -

Membership & Events, Suzanne Birk -

Operations, Jody Dzuranin -


People, not speed.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Expanded BikeColumbus Coming in July

Image by BikeColumbus Festival 
Columbus's official bicycle festival is right around the corner, with the approach of the BikeColumbus Festival 2010.  The 3rd annual offering has been expanded for this year and includes some great new events to make cyclists of every type sit up in the saddle and take notice.

The first event for this year is the Friday, July 16th  Mayor's Twilight Tour.  Starting and ending at Crew Stadium, you'll have a choice of a 20- or 9-mile loop that will loop through Clintonville, OSU Campus, Downtown, and feature a rest stop at McFerson Commons in the Arena District.  The festivities start at 6:00 pm and the ride will take off at 8:00.  Cost of the Ride is $25.00, which can be paid in advance (registration is online).  Registration for the ride also gets you a ticket to the Crew's August 28th game versus Dallas!  Bring a light - or get one at...

...the second event of the festival: the Ineeda Bike Swap. Also at Crew Stadium's VIP tent (west side of the stadium), the Bike Swap starts at 3:00 pm on Friday, July 16th, and goes till 7:00 pm.  Bike Vendors from all over the area are invited to come in and share their wares at this event.  There is still space for more vendors if you're interested, registration is online.  The price of admission to this event is $5.00 for patrons 13 and over, kids 12 and under get in free!  Swaps are generally for cash only, unless individual vendors are willing to take checks.  An ATM will be on site.

The third event for the festival is the Steve Barbour Memorial Tour.  In honor of the local bicycling advocate and enthusiast who was killed by a motorist last year, this fully supported ride will take place on Saturday, July 17th, with distances of 50, 100, 150, and 200 kilometers (with staggered start times).  Pre-ride check-in is at McFerson Commons in the Arena District from 7:00-9:00.  The $25.00 Registration is online, and funds will go to help Columbus Outdoor Pursuits and Consider Biking's Steve Barbour Memorial Fund.

The final event of the festival doesn't take place till August 1st, but it's sure to be an exciting one: the Garrett Wonders Criterium.  In honor of an aspiring Olympic cyclist who was run down by a car during a training ride, this Criterium race will be run downtown along the Riverfront and turn downtown into a race track!  Not to be missed, criterium races are always an exciting event for everyone.  Athletes who'd like to participate can register online for various skill and ability levels - including a free kids' race!

Consider Biking and the Mayor's office are putting a lot of work into this great event, please come out and support better transportation for Columbus!  

People, not speed.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Green Music Group Challenge

Got a little something new for you today.  I was contacted by the Green Music Group yesterday and told about their Green Music Challenge.  From the email I received:
[Green Music Group] was launched in January 2010 by a high-profile coalition of artists, music industry leaders, and respected environmental non-profit organizations with the aim of bringing about widespread environmental change, both within the music industry, and beyond it.

To that end, The Green Music Group Challenge is the first major fan outreach and educational promotion of GMG. This web-based photo challenge encourages members to take positive environmental action via a series of nine bi-weekly challenges, each put forth by one of GMG's Founding Artists. Launched on April 10th, the GMG Challenge runs for 18 weeks and features video "calls to action" from artists such as Dave Matthews Band, Sheryl Crow, Maroon 5, Willie Nelson, Linkin Park, and other influential musicians. Willie Nelson is the promoter of our current challenge and he encourages all individuals to travel more eco-friendly i.e. (travel by bike, light rail, carpool etc....)

I hope that our challenge is something that your readers would be interested in! I would love your help promoting this challenge anytime between today and June 4, 2010. For more info, please visit the following:
So obviously, they're right - this is just the place to promote this idea.  I hope that everyone here will share how they're using their bikes and other forms of transportation to reduce fuel use... and also take on some of the forthcoming challenges as the Green Music Group announces them!

And here's Willie Nelson's video asking you to think about your transportation choices!

People, not speed.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

BoMA Offering Sunday Patio for Two-Wheelers

Looking for a great destination for your Sunday afternoon/evening rides?  Look no further than BoMA in the Discovery District!

BoMA is inviting cyclists, motorcyclists, and scooter enthusiasts (along with everyone else) to join them for their Sunday patio cookouts from 4:00-8:00 pm from this Sunday through July 4th. (Event will be moved indoors in case of rain!).

And, as a special bonus, this weekend BoMA is offering free food!  That's right, you heard me.  FREE FOOD! And CD101 will be there broadcasting live, and giving away a free scooter to anyone entering their contest.

More information is available by clicking on the flier (the picture above).  So get the word out and enjoy a great night of food, art, and great music at BoMA!

View Larger Map

People, not speed.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Central Ohio Bike To Work Challenge - join Team BikeCommute

Are you enthused by the Central Ohio Bike To Work Challenge for this year?  Do you want to join, but don't have a team?

You have a team now - as a reader of Bike Commuting in Columbus, I invite you to join me on Team BikeCommute! All you have to do is register for the challenge at the link just provided and join the team.  Piece of cake.  Then, record your rides and miles each day during the challenge, and that's it.

Who's with me? :)

People, not speed.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Consider Biking Newsletter - April 4, 2010

The latest newsletter from Consider Biking!

Consider Biking Activity Update

April 4, 2010

Consider Biking continues to grow and serve all bicyclists in Central Ohio. Its been a whirlwind few months, with our annual pilgramage to Washington D.C., a wonderful visit to Columbus from LAB President Andy Clarke, and a host of media and local advocacy activities. Check out that picture with 4 of our Consider Biking members and one of our leading bicyle champions on Capitol Hill... Representative Earl Blumenauer (OR). We're "Two-wheeling!"

We've even secured a vibrant new office space in Clintonville, that'll serve as a great gathering spot for staff, volunteers, and education events. Stay tuned for the announcment of our grand opening party!

Oh, did we mention staff? You'll note below that we're posting 2 job openings, and we know there will be more on the horizon. Having full-time, professional staff, will enhance our service and value to the community...exponentially!

You'll see from this newsletter, and if you follow us on our social media outlets, that we continue to deliver many successes in projects, policies, and encouragement programs. We're kicking it into the big ring to work on many planning task forces like the Mayor's Green Team and the ODOT Futures Steering Committee...helping shape the future of transportation in our communities. We're sitting on Advisory bodies for Dublin, Columbus, Westerville and others.

Oh heck - Read on for a glimpse of this month's significant activities from Consider Biking.

Also, we'll continue to communicate breaking news and updates on our Facebook and Twitter accounts. Please use this opportunity to follow Consider Biking on these two social media sites so we can activate our troops quickly to ensure the voice of the cycling community is heard at public meetings, legislative chambers, and in the appropriate judicial systems when needed.

In This Issue

Our Board of Directors

We're Hiring! Two Job announcments

LAB Summit in D.C. - Andy Clarke in Columbus

Our Corporate Cycling Caucus and the May 17 CEO Challenge

Recognition in Columbus State of the City Address

Bike Columbus Festival

Do you hear Phil Liggett in your Head?

Become a Member

Volunteer and Intern Opportunities

Our Board of Directors - 1 New Addition

Consider Biking is governed by a 14 member volunteer Board of Directors. At our March meeting, we elected one new Board member, Jessica Mathews, to join our previously elected class of 2010: Maryellen O'Shaughnessey, Chris Bishop, and Kurt Pottkotter. These newest additions to our Board of Directors bring further credibility and capacity to our business leadership.

We're excited to welcome Jessica to our volunteer leadership. Jessica is a classic "young professional" who currently works for Franklin County and leads some of their green initiatives. She has been engaged with Consider Biking with our Cycling Corporate Caucus and many other activities. Quite frankly, we've had trouble quenching her thirst for volunteering! She's an avid bike commuter, and having lived in San Francisco for a spell, has seen the transformative possibilities of investment in bicycling infrastructure.

Here's a link to our entire Board of Directors.

Consider Biking is Hiring!

Come grow with Consider Biking! We're pleased to post two new job openings to help us add transformative value to the Central Ohio community via active transportation.

Consider Biking is seeking to fill a full-time, professional staff position of Program Manager. The Program Manager will be responsible for developing and implementing the "2 by 2012" Mode Shift Program and Corporate Cycling Caucus

We're also seeking to fill a part-time, staff position of Administrative Coordinator. This position will have the opportunity to develop into a full-time position as our organization continues to grow. The Administrative Coordinator will be responsible for a wide range of tasks to support the day-to-day operations of Consider Biking ranging from volunteer coordination, database management, social marketing messaging, and light bookkeeping.

Both job announcements can be found here.

League of American Bicyclists Summit in D.C. - March 9-11

Wow - another great year in Washington DC at the LAB Summit. Our Ohio delegation was substantially larger this year, which allowed us a better opportunity to meet ALL of our Ohio congressional representatives. This annual trip, and our subsequent follow-ups througout the year, is critical for keeping our Congressional representatives mindful of our needs. It takes years of persistence at the Federal level to succeed...and we're seeing the stars aligning like never before!

Here's a link to our report from this year's Summit.

On a related note, the following week, the President of the League of Ameircan Bicyclists, Andy Clarke, visited Columbus. His primary purpose was to award the Westerville Bicycle Club the "Best Newsletter in the Nation" award. We're so proud of Editor Kathy Martin and other content providers like Shari Heinrich for maintaining the communications vehicle of what Andy called the "quintessence club."

Andy then spent the following day visiting business leaders and City leaders with Consider Biking. We introduced him to some of our major funders, and some of our Cycling Corporate Caucus members. We met with Mayor Coleman and had a wonderful discussion about the need and committment for investment in cycling infrastructure. Lastly, we enjoyed a raucus lunch at North Market with members of our Board, visitors from across Ohio, and the indefatigable Charlie Pace. What a privilege and joy to have Andy on the ground with our work! Thanks LAB!

Our Cycling Corporate Caucus and upcoming CEO Challenge

In 2009 we developed a Cycling Corporate Caucus that represents 20+ of Columbus' largest employers, held 4 meetings, and with Leadership Columbus, developed our "Two-Wheel Toolkit." We met with over 15 of these organizations' CEOs to introduce the Toolkit and present the business case for enabling their employees to bicycle more.

In late December we activated this Caucus to speak in unified support of a funding request on behalf of the City of Columbus to implement the Columbus Bike Plan. (That's $100+ million folks....) We drafted a "case for support" that demonstrated why investment in bicycling is good for our community's health and economic efforts, but also for a business's bottom line. We had over 20 of our community's most prominent business leaders & CEOs, sign our letter of support. No doubt - our business leaders "get it!"

Here's a list of our Caucus members.

We believe major organizations and workforces have the ability to affect behavior change quickly. That's why we're placing a significant effort on our worksite intervention Mode Shift program. (Bike to Work and Bike Away from Work)

Stay tuned for an amazing show of support from the Columbus business community surrounding our efforts at our CEO Challenge during the May 17th Bike to Work Launch event we host at the Statehouse. Look forward to more news and details!

Mayor Coleman's State of the City Address Recognizes Us!

In his 2010 State of the City Address Columbus Mayor Michael Coleman strongly promoted bicycling and publicly recognized Consider Biking for supporting his efforts. We're humbled and honored....

Mayor Coleman said, "While we're getting fit, 2010 will be a big year for bikes. We are determined to make Columbus Bike City USA. We have a lot of work to do here. But we must make this a community priority because it helps address obesity, diabetes, heart disease and other health issues. Plus, it's just fun. Anybody can ride a bike, no matter the age.

This summer will be the third year for our Bike Columbus family ride, and I invite all of you to bring your families to participate this year.

We will continue to invest in our 170-mile network of regional bikeways and trails. Tonight I am proud to announce we will set aside $6 million in our capital budget to connect up the Alum Creek Trail and build signage, striping and an additional 24 miles of bike paths and bike lanes on our city streets. This will advance our Bicentennial Bikeways Plan.

But it's not enough just to build trails and bikeways. We also must change our culture. We are far too dependent on the automobile. And both motorists and cyclists must know the rules of the road. Because sometimes, we must ride and drive on the same pavement. Both riders and drivers have a right to be there.

I want to recognize Jeff Stephens and everybody at Consider Biking for their enthusiasm and support for these efforts."

Bike Columbus Festival presented by Consider Biking - July 2010

Consider Biking is excited to partner with the Mayor and the City of Columbus, the Institute for Active Living, Columbus Outdoor Pursuits, BikeSource, Trek Stores Columbus, AEP, and numerous other organizations to present a 2-weekend festival on July 16-17 and August 1, 2010. We are excited to build a festival that brings together multiple bicycling endeavors, focuses attention on bicycling and active lifestyles, and raise funds and resources for bicycling-related projects and efforts.

Our Festival Steering Committee has been hard at work, and you'll begin to see announcements and scheduling details in the coming weeks.

This much we know - in partnership with the Institute for Active Living, we'll host the Mayor's Twilight Tour presented by Trek and AEP on Friday NIGHT July 16th to kick off the festival. We'll start/finish at Crew Stadium and loop through the heart of downtown. You'll not want to miss this very festive event geared toward all bicyclists! Similar rides across the country attract thousands of riders. And, we'll launch a unique bike Swap Meet and experience venue to showcase all the trinkets and gear that we bicyclists live for! It'll be a party!

On Saturday July 17th, in partnership with Columbus Outdoor Pursuits, we'll host the Steve Barbour Memorial Tour presented by BikeSource which will include everything from family-friendly urban rides to a 200k challenge into Hocking County and back. Watch out - Mayor Coleman has a new bike and he's been heard mumbling the word "century" lately....

Although on a different weekend, (August 1st) we'll welcome the region's top racers at the 5th annual Garrett Wonders Race which will move from Westerville into the heart of downtown Columbus. The course includes a three block uphill with cobblestones. Wow...that'll be exciting! Additionally, we here buzz that two additional races are being planned in the Columbus area that weekend which will create a compelling draw for racers. A three-race series would be exciting for racers and spectators alike!

We look forward to showcasing bicycling and our pedaling revolution in a new and exciting way in 2010. Stay tuned.....

And Now for Something Completely Different...

Do you here the voices of Phil Ligget and Paul Sherwin in your head?

Here's a delightful video for anyone that bikes to work, or has a passing interest in the Tour de France. A Walter Mitty moment!

Join Consider Biking Now!

Consider Biking is a member-supported organization. We can only accomplish our goals through the support of our cycling constituents. Consider Biking has an incredible list of successes in the last few years. This has been driven by the passion and commitment of a few. However, we can't expect this to continue without the support of our cycling community as a whole. Our future lay in your hands. Now's the time to support Consider we can continue the "in the trenches" advocacy work that allows you to "just ride."

We've posted our Annual Report of Activities on our website.We think the scope of our efforts will astound you. The report includes significant activities, partnerships, and mission-critical outcomes from the staff and leadership volunteers of Consider Biking in 2009. As we look back, we're confident that our actions, appearances, and public feedback, have promoted bicycling in Central Ohio. As you'll see....we've been busy working on your behalf.

We're grateful for your support; it allows us to work with full-time, professional capacity, to build a better environment for bicycling in Central Ohio. Communities across the country have proven that a vibrant bike advocacy organization is a vital determinant to building a bike-friendly community. Let's build a better community for our next generation!

There are over 140 peer organizations across the country, demonstrating a need for cycling advocacy groups. Many of these organizations have THOUSANDS of members, and benefit by the financial support, and the "body of cyclists" that stand behind them when they advocate for enhancements to cycling accommodation. The support for these cycling advocacy groups, is a primary reason that regions like Chicago, San Francisco, Washington D.C., Portland, Austin, Madison, and even Pittsburgh, are years ahead of Central Ohio in bike-friendliness! If we aspire to model the successes of (and compete with) these regions, we need your support now.

What's in it for you?

  • Consider Biking works to give you more places to ride.
  • Consider biking helps you enjoy bicycling more.
  • Consider Biking makes it safer to ride. (education, share the road, etc)
  • Consider Biking advocates for more investment in our trail system.
  • Consider Biking provides encouragement for businesses to accommodate their cycling employees.
  • Consider Biking offers the area's most comprehensive, compiled, resource of local cycling information. And....
  • Almost every local bike shop will offer Consider Biking members retail benefits (e.g. discounts)

Membership spans the calendar year, and 2010 partner benefits will be listed on our website in March.

Consider Biking, an Ohio 501c(3), was incorporated in 1991 as the Central Ohio Bicycle Advocacy Coalition, and is governed by a 13 member Board of Directors. Consider Biking is also a member of the Community Shares of Mid Ohio Workplace Giving federation and recognized by the Columbus Foundation.

You can join in three ways:

  1. Go to our website and join on-line via Paypal
  2. Mail a membership form to P.O. Box 937, Worthington, OH 43085
  3. Join at one of our Bike Shop Retail Partners - read on below...

Please visit these partner bike shops as soon as possible, and join Consider Biking!

  • Bike Source - 3 Stores - Clintonville, Sawmill, & Westerville
  • Cyclist Connection - Canal Wichester
  • roll - 3 Stores - Easton, Polaris & Dayton
  • Trek Stores Columbus - 2 Stores - Sawmill & New Albany
  • Westerville Bike Shop - Westerville

We need your help - Volunteer and Intern Opportunities

Consider Biking needs your volunteer help! Won't you get directly engaged in helping us meet our bicycling community's needs?

We have several project-based opportunities which might qualify for intern and/or fellowship support. Opportunities include school-based education, research and analysis, IT development, business development, and event management.

Ongoing opportunities include: Event planning & support, committee work, clerical, data entry, accounting help, map & brochure distribution, general outreach, education outreach, communications and writing, membership campaigns, etc!

Contact us to see how your strengths and interests fit with our activities!

Contact Information

Web site -

Facebook - Facebook Page

Twitter - Considerbikeoh

Executive Director, Jeff Stephens - 614-579-1127

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

League of American Bicyclists Newsletter - March 29, 2010

For all you fans of the LAB, here's the latest news from them!

National News
What if Dreams Came True?
On March 15, we took a huge step forward in realizing our dream of creating a more bicycle-friendly America. The United States Secretary of Transportation, Ray LaHood, announced a new cycling policy that heralds the end of second-class treatment for cyclists. In more than 25 years in the United States, the League has never been more hopeful about our future than we are today. With your support, we can capture the moment and move decisively towards making all our dreams come true. Read more.
League National Bike Month
Spring is here, and May's Bike Month is only a month away! It's time to dust off your bike, pedal to work, encourage co-workers and/or your employees to bike to work, and think about attending or throwing a Bike Month event. Bike Month is an easy and fun way to endorse and encourage bicycling for fun, fitness and transportation. Please send all Bike Month events to for the League to post on
League News
Move Your Club to the Front of the Pack
Club Leadership TrainingThe League's Club Leadership Training in Milwaukee, Wis. this April 9-11 will help your club grow more efficient, effective and fun and will focus on the needs of club leaders such as presidents, vice presidents, membership coordinators and volunteers. If your club needs assistance, ideas, or regional club connections, this is the seminar for you! Register today.  
League Audit Committee 
Calling all "accountability geeks." The League Board has an Audit Committee that is charged with shepherding the League's financial audit as well as monitoring the financial operating procedures of the organization. The Audit Committee may also review performance on contracts and grants. If you are interested in joining the Audit Committee, contact and provide a brief set of credentials.  While we do not require any certificate or degree to serve on this committee, it will be beneficial to have a range of expertise on the committee including: accounting, grant management, bookkeeping, and administrative management.
Bike League Flickr - Summit Photos!
Were you at the 2010 National Bike Summit oBike League Flickrr wish you had the opportunity to attend? Either way, we have the whole event documented. Check out the Bike League Flickr page for all photos.
State and Local News 
Safe Routes to School Mini-grant Call
The National Center for Safe Routes to School is now accepting applications for up to 35 mini-grants of $1,000 each to support the goal of Safe Routes to School (SRTS) programs, which is to enable and encourage children to safely walk and bicycle to school. Read more andapply today!
Bikes Belong Awards Five REI/BFC Grants 
Bikes Belong, in partnership with the League and with generous support from REI (Recreational Equipment, Inc.), announced the 2010 REI/Bicycle Friendly Community Grant Awards. These grants, between $15,000 and $20,000 each, were awarded to five grassroots groups that are working closely with their city governments to make conditions better for bicycling in aspiring and designated Bicycle Friendly Communities. Read about the winners here.
Alliance Winning Campaigns Training
The Alliance for Bicycling and Walking's next Winning Campaigns Training will be on April 16-18. It will be hosted by New Orleans Metro Bicycle Coalition. The training will focus on issue definition, campaign goals, resources assessment, strategy, communication, tactics/timelines, and resource management.

Read more and register today.
Charleston, S.C. Petitions for Bike Lanes
The Charleston, S.C. biking community has requested bike lanes on the newly resurfaced Maybank Highway, a high-traveled and traffic packed road, when the road is re-striped. The SCDOT has opted to not provide bike lanes despite the USDOT's new policy, signed into effect March 11, 2010, giving equal consideration to cars, bikes and pedestrians. Sign the Charleston Bike petition today. 
Job Opportunities
Saris Job Opening
Saris Cycling Group is hiring a Business Development Manager of Parking Systems. Visit Saris' employment page for more information.
USA Cycling Job Opening
USA Cycling is seeking a New Media Manager. Visit USA Cycling's job description for full info.
City of Omaha, Neb. Job Opening
The City of Omaha, Neb. is looking for a new City Planner - Bicycle and Pedestrian Coordinator. Visit the city's career website for complete information.
Revolution Cycles Job Opening
Revolution Cycles has decided to create a new position and will be bringing on an Events and Advocacy Manager. More details on the position can be found at
The League of American Bicyclists promotes bicycling for fun, fitness and transportation, and works through advocacy and education for a bicycle-friendly America. The League represents the interests of America's 57 million bicyclists, including its 300,000 members and affiliates. For more information or to support the League,
People, not speed.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Bike Commuting in Columbus Rates High with Environmental Science Website

Environmental Science has released its list of "55 Bicycle Sites to Go Green and Get Fit."  And I'm proud to say that Bike Commuting in Columbus has been included among this group!

It's always nice to be included in lists with such cycling luminaries as, Bike Commute Tips Blog, and many many others!  Give it a look - and visit some of those other great sites, too.  There's lots of good stuff out there!

People, not speed.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Yay Bikes Newsletter - March, 2010

And... here's the latest from Yay Bikes!

b2wcWe're excited to announce that sponsorships for the 2010 Bike to Work Challenge (May 10-20) are now available!! You and/or your organization can contribute to Central Ohio's premier commuter cycling celebration --> learn how to reach thousands of cyclists and other professionals with your message! Our Sponsorship Coordinator is also available to help you get the best bang for your buck.

Get yourself, your friends & your colleagues prepped for spring cycling and the Bike to Work Challenge with one of these intensive traffic skills courses. All have on-road and classroom components, as well as parking lot drills for emergency maneuvers; all cost $60.

Wednesdays, March 17 & 24 @ 6:30-8:30pm
Saturdays, March 20 & 27 @ 10am-2pm
Instructors: David Jeffords & Randy Dull
Location: Greenovate, 9 East 2nd Ave

Sundays, April 11 & 18 @ 1-6pm both days
Instructors: Meredith Joy & Juana Sandoval
Location: OSU area

Saturdays, April 24 & May 1 @ 10am-5pm
Instructors: Ken Cohen & Michael Reed
Location: OSU Bevis Hall, 1080 Carmack Rd

Instructors can also work with you to create custom courses that precisely match the needs of your organization. ContactKen Cohen soon to explore this option - our spring schedule is filling up fast!


Twenty-one women attended our first conversational forum, providing keen insights into why they ride and what would help them ride more. Thanks to all of them for sharing their thoughts so generously! Over the course of four such forums this year, Yay Bikes! will develop a women's cycling agenda to implement in 2011.

If you weren't able to attend this event, there is still time to have your voice heard! Attend our future events on May 30, August 29 & November 14, and submit your responses to our three questions from last week:
  1. What does the act of cycling mean to you?
  2. What is your experience of cycling in Columbus?
  3. What is your vision for cycling in Columbus?
We intentionally started with very broad questions that will give us the context from which we're now operating. Invite your women friends - cyclists or not - to future forums, to ensure the specific interventions we develop will resonate with the broader community of women!

Our board meetings are open to the public and we encourage you to attend. The first meeting of our newly constituted board* will be held at Summit on 16th on March 14 (note the switch that day to Daylight Savings Time); the agenda will be to complete our 501c3 application & set our regular monthly meeting time. Please join us for the conversation!

*Members are: Meredith Joy, Andrew Hulvey, Ken Cohen, Tricia Kovacs, Michael Reed & Austin Kocher. Stay tuned for more on each of these advocates!

KenOne goal for Yay Bikes! is to support people as they become advocates for the kind of cycling they'd like to see in Central Ohio. This month, we featureKen Cohen.

Over the past two years, Ken has emerged from his behind-the-scenes "subverita" persona to become a frequent Pedal Instead volunteer, a cycling instructor certified through the League of American Bicyclists, an outspoken advocate in the Hilltop Mobility Plan process, a Bike to Work Challenge Planning Committee member, and Treasurer of the new Yay Bikes! board. [Whew! Quite an impressive list!] Ken possesses an unrivaled passion for bicycles and bicycling, and particularly for bicycling education, that inspires all who work with him. We can't wait to see what more he will bring to our community!

People, not speed.