BikeColumbus Festival extends registration deadline for events

Looking to take part in the BikeColumbus Festival but haven't gotten your registration in for one or more of the events yet? Fear not - the online registration period has been EXTENDED to Thursday noon.

After that point, riders will need to register at the event (and pay $5.00 extra for the privilege of joining the rides!).

Plenty more information follows from Consider Biking:

BikeColumbus Pre-Registration Discount until noon Thursday!


Wow....the registrations for BikeColumbus events have been pouring in the last few days. The weather forecast looks great - We're gearing up for a great weekend!

We've extended the pre-registration discount until Thursday noon. We'll turn off the on-line registration at that point...and, you'll pay an extra $5 if you register on-site at the events on Friday or Saturday.

Pre-registering helps us plan the food, supply and volunteer needs. saves you a few bucks. Won't you please register now?

If you register on-site, we'll only be able to accept cash and checks. No credit cards.

Both the Mayor's Twilight Ride and the Barbour Memorial Ride are fully supported events. Through the generous sponsorship of our'll have a wonderful experience that includes marked routes, course marshals, food, music, and tons of great goodies. You'll get MORE THAN YOUR MONEY'S WORTH....and you'll rest assured that the proceeds will support bicycling safety and awareness programs. 'bout time, eh?

And INEEDA Bike Swap is bursting at the seams with vendors and individsuals bringing their bikes, parts & accessories to sell. There's still a limited amount of selling space available...if you have stuff to sell....please register soon.

Read on below for a few last minute pieces of information. We look forward to your participation this weekend!

Last Minute Bike Festival Fact Sheet / FAQs


Twilight Ride, Friday July 16th; 6-10 pm

Where is the event? Columbus Crew Stadium; 1 Black and Gold Blvd; Columbus, OH 43211

Where do I park? Parking is Free at Crew Stadium. For lot specifics, click here.

What time do we start?

  • Please join us for pre-ride festivities starting at 6 pm or come as early as 3 pm and enjoy the Ineedabike Swap activities.
  • Whether you choose the 20 mile route or the 9 mile neighborhood ride, both will get started at 8 pm.
  • We'll have the riders for the longer ride start first, then the 9 mile ride so we can assist riders along the route of their choosing.
  • Thanks to the Westerville Bike Club and others, we will have plenty of volunteers along the route to keep riders safe and to assure everyone makes the correct turns.

Where are the rest and food stops? Rest stop for 20 mile ride at McFerson Commons, 218 West Street at the Union Arch. Beverages, snacks. Light meal for both rides, Crew Stadium.

The fun of any ride is the Goody Bag, what SWAG can we expect? At the event...

  • Please visit the Crew table to pick up your hat and Crew Game Ticket which is free to registered riders. The game date is August 28 versus FC Dallas.
  • Get pumped for the Twilight ride by visiting the TREK table and get your cool bicycle blinkie tail light!
  • When you check in, we'll have you sign an emergency contact form and you'll receive a goody bag with a few more surprises.

Our Requests:

  • This is a ride at Twilight, so take steps to "Be Seen" like using a bike light, even a flashlight and duct tape works! Wear reflective clothing and maybe even get creative with glow sticks and such!
  • Adults and Youth must wear helmets. (If needed, loaner helmets will be available.)  Let's demonstrate rider safety as we're Cranking it Up through the streets of Columbus!  

Steve Barbour Memorial Tour, Saturday July 17th; 7 am - 5 pm

Where is the event? Downtown Columbus, McFerson Commons, 218 West St, Columbus, OH 43215  (The park with the Union Station Arch on Nationwide Blvd)

Where do I park? Arena District parking (pre-paid pass available)

What should I bring with me?

  • Your Registration Packet with maps / cue sheets and WRISTBAND provided.
  • Please Don't Forget your HELMET!
  • Always a good idea to carry a form of ID, (when bicycling)
  • Bike and Bike gear, i.e. Shoes, Spare Tube, Sun Protection, and potentially rain jacket / gear (DOW)
  • Water Bottle(s) for bike  *Water provided at Park

Can I bring a Friend or Family Member to ride with me? Yes, "Day of Ride" signups for all routes are available from 7:00am to 9:00am at the Registration Tent. You can also sign up prior to Day of Ride at any of the three Columbus BikeSource locations. If desired, please have Friend or Family Member arrive in plenty of time to leave with you. Let them know to bring $30.00 for "Day of Ride" Registration fee.

What time do I need to be ready to ride?

  • Rider Check In: 7:00am - 9:00am
  • Early Light Breakfast Snacks & Coffee Provided

Will all route distances be leaving at the same time? No, the scheduled start times for the 4) Route Options are:

  • 200K and 150K Rider Start: 7:30am
  • 100K Rider Start: 8:30am
  • 50K Rider Start: 9:30am

What is the easiest way to follow the route I have chosen? You will have multiple methods to KEEP YOU ON the Route!

  • Road Markings - All routes will have road markings that are visible in the form of WHITE painted stamps (see Signs at Registration Tent on Day of Ride). The flame at the end of the candlestick will mark the direction of your route, with any route turnoffs clearly identified.
  • Maps - Provided in your Reg. packet.
  • Cue Sheets - Provided in your Reg. packet.

Where are the Lunch/Snack Stops?

  • Lockbourne: YMCA Hoover Park - Available to 50K Riders ONLY
    Hours of Operation: 10:00am - 2:00pm
  • Circleville: Ted Lewis Park - Available to 100K Riders for Lunch Stop & 150K, 200K Riders for a Lunch and Return Snack Stop
    Hours of Operation: 9:00am - 5:00pm
  • Adelphi: Adelphi United Methodist Church - 200K Rider Lunch Stop ONLY
    Hours of Operation: 10:30am - 2:00pm

If I do one of the Barbour Memorial shorter routes, will I need to find transportation back to McFerson? No, all routes regardless of distance will START and END at McFerson Commons in the Arena District and will be round trip loops. There is a small portion of the return route (except 50K) that will overlap the same route out of Ted Lewis Park. The split for the return route is at S. Bloomfield Royalton. You simply stay on Walnut Creek for the return loop back into Columbus. (See Cue Sheets for exact turn by turn directions.)

There will be Support Vehicles (SAGs) driving all routes in order to assist you with any help you may need.

What happens if I get a flat tire while on the Ride? The Steve Barbour Memorial Tour is a fully supported ride with coverage for mechanical failures and other minor incidents via our SAG vehicles to make sure you arrive back to McFerson Commons park safely.

How do I identify a SAG vehicle should I need assistance? Look for large SAG magnetic signs on the SAG vehicles along the route. They are experienced support personnel and will be on the lookout for any mechanical or rider malfunctions.

What happens after we complete our 1rst BikeColumbus, Steve Barbour Memorial Tour?
Return to McFerson Park to enjoy the festivities of the day with a nice relaxing massage to ease those achy muscles, pickup your BikeSource / Specialized ice cold water bottle directly in front of the Arch, a bottle of EAS Myoplex or sample of MonaVie. Scamper over into the park for a delicious bite to eat while enjoying the camaraderie of your fellow cyclists for a "ride well done" and a thank you from Consider Biking, BikeSource and Columbus Outdoor Pursuits for your participation and support.

How do I make a donation to the Steve Barbour Memorial fund? Please make all checks payable to: Consider Biking with Steve Barbour Memorial Fund in the Memo line. You will receive a receipt for your donation within 4) weeks.

Ineeda Bike Swap, Friday July 16th; 3 pm - 7 pm

Where is the SWAP? VIP Tent on the plaza at Columbus Crew Stadium; 1 Black and Gold Blvd; Columbus, OH 43211

What is it? Bicycling buyers and sellers unite! For buyers, the Ineeda Bike Swap is your chance to find deals on the parts, bikes, and accessories you need to keep rolling. For sellers, you can lighten your gear load and make someone's day by offering great stuff. Don't miss this great event packed with private sellers, big name bike shops, educational seminars, plus food and beverages!

Who is selling? An updated list of the vendors can be viewed here.

Garrett Wonders Criterium, Sunday August 1, 12 - 7 pm

The Garrett Wonders Criterium is an exciting race which transforms the Downtown riverfront District into a bicycle racing wonderland for everyone from beginners to professionals.

Details and Registration link can be viewed here.

Other Questions:

What will be done with the money that is raised from the Bike Columbus Festival? All proceeds from the various events will support bicycling initiatives via two organizations:

  1. The Institute for Active Living at Columbus Public Health works to increase access to physical activity and nutritious food, to tackle the childhood obesity epidemic. It supports everthing from community gardens and local food systems to physical fitness equipment and bike safety. Consider Biking will use proceeds to support safety and awareness campaigns for cyclists on our roads.
  2. The Steve Barbour Memorial Fund will be used to provide education, encouragement and infrastructure needs to increase safety of bicyclists on our roads.

I have friends/relatives/coworkers who are interested, What should they do? We have online registration open until late on Wednesday July 14 or folks can register onsite for $30 for either ride (or $50 for the combo of Twilight + Barbour Memorial Tour). For further details, click here.

Cash and Checks are the only acceptable payment methods onsite, please plan accordingly.


Contact the Festival Team

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