Friday Link-o-Rama 4/17/2009

Yehuda Moon - Rick Smith has called what seems to be a temporary hiatus on his work with the popular cycling comic strip. Trying to publish something regularly can certainly be a challenge, and we look forward to when Yehuda can continue!

Columbus Rides - Ray George shows us a video of the new belt drive that I'd like to try out. Via Twitter Carlton Reid told me that it's not like a traditional chain that will sully your clothing, which is something I love!

Outside Blog - Reviews on some bicycle backpacks from the blog from Outside Magazine.

Seattle Post-Intelligencer - Odd name for a paper notwithstanding, this is a great article on the growth of cycle commuting nationwide (with a bit of Pac-Northwest focus). By Jack Connelly.

Two Wheeling - Doug tells us more about the obesity epidemic, and how it plagues various US populations more than others!

Bike Radar - New clothing line for cyclists who don't want to look like cyclists! Sounds like a winner to me. Nothing wrong with lycra and jerseys, but it's not for work.

People, not speed.