Helmet-Cams: Got One?

I've been contacted by a major Columbus news outlet asking questions about helmet-cams and whether a lot of people use them while they ride in town.

And, to be frank, I have no clue!  I don't use one, and it's never really come up for me, but that doesn't mean that others aren't putting tech to work for them as they negotiate the Central Ohio roadways.

So...do you use one?  Has it come in handy?  How do you use it?  Are you interested in being interviewed?

Drop me a line either here in the comments, or via my email address.  Or feel free to get hold of me on Facebook or Twitter.

Hope to hear from you if you're rocking a helmet-cam!

People, not speed.


  1. Helmet cams are definitely in vogue in some parts of the country. On the east coast and in highly demanding road riding areas I think you tend to see more and more advocates wearing them - especially since they are cheap and easy to use these days!

    Beware, though. In some state filming the cop who gives you a ticket may be viewed as a FELONY!
    - in NY it's legal, but this lady got arrested anyway

    - In MD, it's ILLEGAL, and this motorcyclist got hit w/ felony charges, later dismissed...

    In Ohio, it's legal to film cops- but that doesn't mean they LIKE it...
    Steve Magas

  2. Thanks Steve, when I was talking with Karina Nova (the reporter who was asking about the cameras) about this I didn't even consider this from the filming police standpoint. I was thinking more about folks trying to use it to show violations of cyclist rights and the like (like the rather poor job people have done trying to show violations of the three-foot laws that exist some places) by motorists.

  3. I currently take pictures as I commute and tour on a bicycle. I started to post them on my facebook page as proof of claim. YES! I have been there.

    If you consider a helmet cam for what it is, then the possible benefits are endless. A video record of a memory to be shared. I would enjoy see clips of area trails, areas of interests, and the adventures other cyclists have.

  4. Great blog! I try to bike whenever possible. Its challenging when it freezes like last weekend. Your blog inspires though, keep it up.


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