Ticketed for Riding Outside A Bike Lane? Not in Ohio.

Here's a humorous but poignant video from a New York rider who was ticketed for not riding in the bike lane when it was available.

First, I'm impressed at his mad stunt-man skills.

Still, it makes for a fun, though somewhat frustrating viewing. The problems we have with the few bike lanes here in Columbus (trash build-up, lack of knowledge about how to operate in or near them from both cyclists AND motorists) don't even compare to the problems they have in the Big Apple.

People, not speed.


  1. As I understand it, there is no law in NYC requiring bikes to remain in the bike lane either. The video is entertaining, but the ticket recipient would have been better served by going to his court date.

  2. Thanks for the entertaining video! I love how he approaches the subject with humor. I've had to exit a bike lane a few times on Schrock Road and have been honked at numerous times for it. Once was because there was a very large dead raccoon in the way and the other times have been to turn left into one establishment or another. Mind you with as hilly as Schrock is and as out of shape as I currently am, I may be going about 10 kph, but since there is no minimum on Schrock, oh well.

    I try to be courteous and let cars pass before changing lanes as I'm not on the road during extremely busy times. Having a helmet mirror has been immensely useful for this. I don't watch the news very often, but I was wondering if any of the stations have done any stories about bicycle laws? I sent in a request for a story to be done mostly to raise awareness. I really don't think most drivers out there know the laws about cycling in Ohio. For instance: it's illegal to ride on the sidewalk.

  3. Lisa, that's a point I've made a lot. There's been some work done in the Dispatch and other print media about bike laws and what we're allowed and such, but I have yet to see much on TV.

  4. Lisa -while it's illegal for adults to bicycle on sidewalks in Columbus, there is NO such law in Westerville, except for "Uptown" Westerville. That might explain why (based upon counts) about half of the cycists chose to ride on the adajacent Schrcok Rd sidewalks vs. using the marked bike lanes. Inconsistent rules and enforcement from one community to another make it challenging for all travelers.

  5. Great point, whoever you are... :)

    Though State law does say that municipalities can not tell riders that they CAN'T ride on the road, it doesn't say that municipalities can't say that riders CAN ride on the sidewalks.


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