League of American Bicyclists Wary of Bike Funding Cuts in Congress

The League of American Bicyclists sent out a post today warning people of the following.  If you're not a member of the League's Action List, you can join here:

Potential Attack on funding for bicycling could happen this week
We are on "Amendment Watch" 
Dear Friends: 
Working with our partners at America Bikes, we have been monitoring and preparing for possible federal budget cuts that could attack biking and walking. This is a “pre-alert” to give you the heads up that if biking and walking funding and programs are attacked, we will have a very short window in which to take action.

If an amendment attacking biking and walking is proposed we will let you know right away and ask that you do your part as a citizen to raise your voice for biking and walking. If such action is required we will provide specific information and directions.
There is no action to take at this moment – this is just a heads up that we need everyone to stand-by for action.
Thank you in advance.

People, not speed.