More Swag Coming Your Way!

Yesterday, I gave away a Columbus Marathon MP3 player armband that the good folks at the Marathon supplied for me.  I got home last night, and found that they'd dropped off THREE of them, not just one!  So, to get you ready for RunFest on Saturday, we'll give away the other two today.

So the first question today: who was the first person I interviewed here on Bike Commuting in Columbus? Again, if you know the answer,  email it to me, or visit our Facebook page and leave me a message!

As soon as we have winner #2 in the books, we'll release the question for the third and final armband!

BINGO! We have yet another winner - Scott (that's all he identified himself as) figured out that the first interviewee we had here was Meredith Joy of Yay Bikes!

And now, for our final Columbus Marathon armband... who can tell me why I told people NOT to bike to work?  

2:10 PM - And we have our final winner - Alec Fleschner found that I told you not to bike to work when it's -3 degrees outside, back in February of 2007!

So congratulations to Mark, Scott, and Alec.  Your armbands will be headed your way soon.  And thanks everyone else for playing!

People, not speed.