Muxu offering Euro-style clothes for cyclists

Yet another great company is offering a line of regular street clothes with the urban cyclist in mind: welcome to the party Muxu!

I first heard of Muxu this morning via a Thrillist email, which tells us a bit about the car-restrictive nature of Barcelona, the Spanish city where Muxu's clothing is designed and inspired.  Bike messengers in Barca have been testing and using such clothes on their daily rounds for a while, it seems, and the styling keeps them looking good while the technical specs keep them comfortable.

From their website:
Taking the cyclist seamlessly through the day, Muxu apparel blurs the boundary between what you wear on and off the bike. From a light commute, a game of bike polo, to 100 kilometre messenger days, your Muxu is designed to look and feel amazing, whilst functioning without compromise.
The shirts are designed with seams that are out of the way of your shoulders so that messenger bag straps don't rub you raw.  There's a hidden MP3 player pocket in them, too.  And the fabric is a wicking fabric that fights odor and dries four times faster than regular cotton.

Their 3/4 shorts have fewer seams as well, and are slightly elasticized for more comfort and ease of movement without looking stretchy.

Prices are good - a little higher than normal, but not as bad as some of the other companies that have entered this market.  And the styling is great - not baggy, but rather created for people whose physiques show the time they spend on the saddle.

It's great to see yet another company that is making clothes for the urban cyclist who wants to look good while riding!

People, not speed.