Monday News: Bike Sharing Starts in the Short North

The Short North, always a forward-thinking and vibrant area of town, has added to its allure by offering ten free bikes for use by visitors to the area. With the district's expansion and revitalization of so much of its area, it's become a little harder to see on foot, hence the move by participating businesses.

Users can get a bike by leaving credit card and driver's license numbers at one of three locations (Tigertree, What the Rock?! and Sandbox). The bikes are available for two-hour stints and must be returned to the same location. Locks are provided as well.

The eventual goal is to have 40 bikes available in the Short North, and 100 total between the Short North and Downtown. Each bike, a Kona AfricaBike, was purchased by one of ten participating businesses in the district. Kona donates one similar bike to home health care workers in Africa for every two sold elsewhere.

More information can be found at

People, not speed.


  1. Bikes are available for two-hour stints and must be returned it back oh!!!
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  2. Hey, cool, that's my bike! hee... guess I'm going to have to spend a bit on customization now.

    It's a great bike--needs very little maintenance attention. It isn't much fun on inclines, but that makes for a good workout. Simple to operate--might be a challenge to folks who are very accustomed to hand brakes.

    But wow, the basket and cargo space on the back is very handy.


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