Equipment Round Up: Pearl Izumi Vagabond Jacket, Review #3

I haven't gotten any new equipment recently, but this is an excellent time to go back and do some further review of my Pearl Izumi Vagabond Jacket. I've got some new comments on the jacket to share.

In previous posts, I've mentioned that I think the jacket was made for someone wearing cycling gear specifically since it's a bit tight around the shoulders when I wear a fleece underneath (for cold-weather riding). I also gave some comments on its water-shedding properties.

Today, it'll be a bit of discussion on the jacket's durability. I've been wearing it almost every commute I take since getting it back in November 2007 and it's holding up very nicely. The removable sleeves have made it a great item for summer and winter (as well as the other seasons!), making it very functional.

There are a couple of places where the stitching is starting to come loose a bit, on the left hand pocket and on the zipper of the left sleeve. But that's easily fixed, with some restitching, no big deal there for the amount of time I've worn it.

The aforementioned pockets are mesh inside, and a year of having my keys in the right pocket wore a small hole in that mesh, about the size of a quarter. That's pretty easy to fix, too, with some thread or string to tie that hole together. Given the amount of riding I do in it, which is around five hours a week, it's doing remarkably well!

The one thing I haven't been able to fix is that it's getting a bit dingy looking. A couple years of riding will do that, obviously. And the dinginess is hardly noticeable unless you get close. But washing the fabric isn't getting all the stains out. But jacket is retaining its color (the bright fluorescent yellow-green) nicely despite the stains, and I'm still as visible to the world as I've always been!

For the lightness of the material and the amount of mesh in it, it's very strong. All in all, I continue to stand by this jacket as a great product. And I'm adding another reason to love it - it's made to last!

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