Equipment Round Up: Ohio Community Carts

Going into the Clintonville Community Market last night, I noticed a pretty nice looking bike cart outside and large placard in front of it:


This is a new local company that's on the cutting edge - making simple utililty carts for bikes to haul. I took a look at the cart itself. Nice wheels with quick-releases, sturdy construction, smooth movement, and from it seems, an easy install. The website says that it can handle 200 lb. of cargo.

And the best part is: they're made RIGHT HERE in Columbus - Franklinton, to be specific. Here's a description of the company from their website:

Community Carts is a small community-based business located in Columbus, Ohio. It is owned and operated by a group of folks devoted to simple and sustainable living, peacemaking, and the work of justice. Proceeds from the business go directly to support the life they share with their neighbors in Franklinton--an economically-depressed neighborhood on the Westside of Ohio's capital.

I can see this being a great product for businesses who deliver by bike, for dedicated utility cyclists, and many more folks. And the design of the carts really seems to lend itself well to customization. Nice work - and I look forward to trying one of these out!

People, not speed.


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