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A message from the management:
For a while, I've been trying to figure out a good way to run this blog other than to simply post news, tips, and ideas as I get them or they come to me. And that's not to say that this hasn't worked, but many times it's left me scrambling for something to share with you when I feel I haven't posted in a while; or it's had me post four to five times in a day and then nothing for a week; or it's had me get into a rut where I post nothing but one topic of posts for a week or two, and so forth. And that's not a good way to run things, I think.
So what I'm going to try to do for you is to have "topics of the day" like many sites have. This is going to be done for a couple of reasons:
  1. Not everyone is interested in every topic that I cover. Some folks who read this site aren't as interested in the Columbus news as they are in equipment previews and reviews, or advice and tips on managing your ride, etc. So you'll be able to tune in on days that interest you and ignore days that aren't quite as important to you, if you so desire.
  2. Having a specific day to cover a specific topic will allow me to write posts in advance and set them for automatic publishing on the appropriate day, and that'll give you more constant content.
My goal is to get you something every weekday. And that's the schedule I'm going to work toward. So, to that end, here's the topic schedule I plan to use:
Monday: News from the Columbus Cycling world. I'll round up the latest news stories regarding the latest in new cycling policy from the city, let you know about accidents and court cases, tell you what groups like Yay Bikes and Consider Biking are up to, etc.
Tuesday: Equipment round-up. Previews and reviews of new gear in which commuters may be interested.
Wednesday: Commuting 101. Getting back to the basics of bike commuting, and sharing my experiences with you so that we can all learn from experience. This will include new stuff I've learned as well as re-posting and updating old stuff that is timely (for seasonal reasons, for example). I'll NEVER just start recycling old content willy-nilly, but I may add new or changed information to old posts.
Thursday: Opinion, or stuff that usually shows up with the "Cycling Soapbox" tag. In which I expound upon my experiences with bike commuting and try to draw a lesson from them.
Friday: Link-o-Rama. I've gotten some good feedback on this feature where I collect links that may interest you that don't fit into my other four categories or aren't meaty enough to put into a post of their own. This will include national and international news, feature links, and more.
I also reserve the right, of course, to add posts of a "breaking news" nature if such things come up. These will be big news stories of interest to us - for instance, if the city were to decide to turn High Street into a bike boulevard, that'd be of the "breaking news" category. But those posts will always be EXTRA. We'll still have posts each day that fall into the above categories.
As always, I welcome your comments about this plan. I hope this makes the site more useful to you and helps the cause of bike commuting in the city of Columbus!
People, not speed.


  1. I've thought about doing something exactly like this - a theme for each day of the week. I'm waaay too undisciplined, however, to keep at it! :-)

    The CAPTCHA text is "deranted." :-)

  2. It's a suggestion that one of the pro-blogging sites I read had, and it sounded good to me. If something pops into my head, then I can quickly jot up a post and save it till its "topic day." And I have some time to modify, edit, and improve it before it goes out the door, so to speak.

    Plus it'll hopefully give readers some stuff to look forward to.

    We'll see how it works!

    "Deranted?" On my blog? Does that mean that Blogger is trying to set the expectation that I'm not going to rant? Heaven forbid! :)

  3. You can always grab and post some RSS feeds from your fave info sources...


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