Friday Link-o-Rama 7/3/2009

Totcyle - Family Biking - Ruminations, ponderings, and some concrete advice for taking newborns on bike rides. It's safer than you think.

Road Rights (Bicycling Magazine) - "Why We Need Cycling Insurance." From the Dutch model of correctly assigning blame to motorists in most cases of bike/car accidents to the problems of underinsured and uninsured motorists, Bob Mionske covers the entire issue and encourages us all to get cycling insurance - when it's offered.

Carbon Trace - Is the term commuting getting misused by cyclists in a way that's confusing traffic engineers? Should we be saying something else? - Confused About Commuting. With all the easy traffic close to downtown, why do people choose to live in the suburbs?

Yehuda Moon and the Kickstand Cyclery - Thoughtful words from Mr. Moon about where cars are REALLY going. - Remember Rep. Patrick McHenry? With the help of one open minded advocate, he may be changing his mind on bikes. Read more!

Sierra Club Compass - Transit prices rising? Biking is still free! San Francisco's story is similar to ours here in Columbus. Transit prices are rising due to fuel costs but there's movement afoot to improve cycling in the city.

People, not speed.