Consider Biking Newsletter: July 23, 2009

From our friends at Consider Biking:

Consider Biking Activity Update
July 23, 2009
With deep sadness, we must share that local cyclist Steve Barbour passed away on Wednesday, July 22. Steve had been riding westbound along Cemetery Road in Hilliard on Saturday. As he did so often, he was riding to the start point of the COP ride he was leading. Steve was struck and critically injured by an (allegedly) intoxicated motorist, who was also driving westbound. Details of the accident can be found at NBC4 online, Columbus Dispatch,and CBS10TV.

Take the time to mourn Steve's loss; turn to your friends, and share your stories of Steve. Think about what he has done for cycling, and celebrate his life. Steve lives on in every cyclist he mentored.

We must remember that Steve modeled safe riding behavior. His was attentive to his equipment, and his on-road actions. He was a champion of safety. However, despite all the experience in the world, oftentimes, there is no defense against an impaired or distracted motorist.This fatality has shocked our cycling community, because so many knew and respected Steve. In the coming days, emotions will run high. It's important that we not do anything to compromise the judicial process or any legal action Steve's family may take. Consider Biking is confident that there will be transparency in the proceedings, and we'll suggest ways you can help ensure that.

For starters, you can show your support of Steve's family and friends by coming to the preliminary court hearing. It will be Tuesday, July 28, at 9:30 a.m, at the Franklin County Municipal Court, Courtroom 4C. The courthouse is located at 375 South High Street, Columbus, Ohio 43215. If you choose to ride to the hearing, we hope you will observe the rules of the road, honoring the memory of Steve, who cycled with skill and safety. Even if you don't ride, please bring your bicycle helmet as a way to show you are one of the many vulnerable users of our public roadways. A courtroom filled with a helmeted gallery, will send a powerful message!

We plan to provide the latest news and updates on our Facebook and Twitter accounts. Please use this opportunity to follow Consider Biking on these two social media sites so we can activate our troops quickly to ensure justice in this case...and for our cycling cause in general.

Social Meet-up #1 Mont Ventoux Viewing at Trek Store
Consider Biking invites you to join us at the Dublin Trek Store this Saturday (July 25) from 8:00 - 11:30 a.m. for a special viewing party to watch Stage 20 of the Tour de France.

The climb of Mont Ventoux is a monster. It's 22 km and steep. (I know - that's a picture of me racing above the clouds there!) As the next-to-last stage of a 3-week race, the battles on this stage will be epic, heroic, and probably crush a dream or two.

So, join all the fun being hosted by our friends at the Trek Store on Sat morning. Consider biking will be on hand to answer questions about our efforts in bike advocacy (which Trek supports on a national & local level!) and, to hear your input about our work. Plus, this is a party! We'll be having fun cheering for Lance & others.

What - Special Stage 20 (Mt. Ventoux) Viewing Party at Trek Store Columbus
  • Jeff the French Chef cooking real French food and coffees
  • Lots of door prizes (Astana Jerseys, TSC Jerseys, etc.)
  • Live viewing of Stage 20 on widescreen
  • Old and Classic Bike show (prizes for best vintage bikes)
  • Prizes for best vintage cycling outfit
  • Surprise appearance from the Piano Peddler
  • Both store locations (Consider Biking only at Dublin)
Where - 2720 Sawmill Place Blvd
When - 8:00 am to 11:30am (Mont Ventoux action at approximately 10:00 am)

Social Meet-up #2 - Thursday, July 30 - Cafe' Bella
Thanks to the 30+ cyclists that joined us earlier in July at the Pig Iron for our social meet-up; we had a wonderful time and listened to some good feedback. We'll continue to host informal gatherings of our membership (and prospective members) to convey information about our work at Consider Biking, and to solicit your input and feedback about our efforts. We'd like you to become engaged in our important work of enhancing the cycl
ing culture in Central Ohio!

Most importantly, we're looking for an excuse to ride our bikes to & from a happy hour or party...and another excuse to get together with our best friends and talk about bicycling. Let's have some fun and share in the successes of Consider Biking!

Consider Biking Board Member & "Two-Wheeling" hero, Doug Morgan, will be our host on Thursday, July 30th at Cafe Bella at 2593 N. High St. (just north of Hudson). We'll be there from 5:00 - 7:00 p.m. - on the patio in the back. Ride your bike to the parking lot from the back alley. Come learn why great folks like Doug (pictured right) are card-carrying members of Consider Biking!

If you haven't been to Café Bella, you're in for a treat! Café Bella does not have a liquor license, but the proprietor, Vince, kindly allows customers to bring in beer and wine when they are eating there. Thus, we will be providing beer and wine free of charge, but we are asking you to donate $10 per person to pay for the wonderful spread of Italian appetizers Vince will be preparing for us. Vince is an engineer by training and is pioneering a fascinating version of urban gardening which he will explain and demonstrate for us.

What - Social Happy Hour Meet-up
Where - Cafe Bella 2593 N. High St
When - 5:00 - 7:00 p.m.

Please RSVP to so we'll know how much beer to bring, and how much food to prepare.

We Support Columbus Issue 1
The Board of Directors of Consider Biking officially endorse and support Columbus Issue 1 to be voted on in the special election August 4, 2009. In short, we support this tax increase because it will ensure resources to implement the Bicentennial Bike Plan, and all efforts to improve accomodations for bicyclists in Columbus.

In November, 2008 the Columbus bond levy for transportation projects, including bike/pedestrian projects, was passed by the voters of Columbus. However, the City of Columbus, as announced by City Auditor Hugh Dorrian, has cut back on the issuance of bonds for capital projects except for capital projects absolutely required by law, due to the decline in general revenue funds that include the 25% set-aside for capital spending. Without an increase in general revenue from an increase in the income tax as proposed in Issue 1 the City of Columbus will not be able to issue bonds for capital projects including the bike/pedestrian projects listed in Public Service/Transportation 2008-2013 Capital Improvements Program.

If you are a Columbus resident, we ask you to vote in favor of Issue 1 on August 4th.

More information about Issue 1 can be found here

We Need your Membership Support Today!
Consider Biking has an incredible list of successes in the last few years. This has been driven by the passion and commitment of a few. However, we can't expect this to continue without the support of our cycling community as a whole. Our future lay in your hands. Now's the time to support Consider we can continue the "in the trenches" advocacy work that allows you to "just ride."

Consider Biking provided leadership in these major successes:
  • Secured LAB Bicycle Friendly Community Award for Columbus - May 2009
  • Bike Suitability Map - Release May 2009
  • Columbus Revised Traffic Code re: bicycles - Passed Dec.2008
  • Columbus Mandatory Childhood Helmet Law - Passed July 2008
  • Columbus Bicentennial Bikeways Plan - Passed May 2008
  • Pedal Instead Bike Parking Valet - Founded 2006
  • COTA Bus Racks - Installed 2005
  • Ride of Silence - Founded 2004
There are over 130 peer organizations across the country, demonstrating a need for cycling advocacy groups. Many of these organizations have THOUSANDS of members, and benefit by the financial support, and the "body of cyclists" that stand behind them when they advocate for enhancements to cycling accommodation. The support for these cycling advocacy groups, is a primary reason that regions like Chicago, San Francisco, Washington D.C., Portland, Austin, Madison, and even Pittsburgh, are years ahead of Central Ohio in bike-friendliness! If we aspire to model the successes of (and compete with) these regions, we need your support now.

What's in it for you?

  • Consider Biking works to give you more places to ride.
  • Consider biking helps you enjoy bicycling more.
  • Consider Biking makes it safer to ride. (education, share the road, etc)
  • Consider Biking advocates for more investment in our trail system.
  • Consider Biking provides encouragement for businesses to accommodate their cycling employees.
  • Consider Biking offers the area's most comprehensive, compiled, resource of local cycling information. And....
  • Almost every local bike shop will offer Consider Biking members retail benefits (e.g. discounts)
  • Membership spans the calendar year, and partner benefits will be listed on our website within days.

Consider Biking, an Ohio 501c(3), was incorporated in 1991 as the Central Ohio Bicycle Advocacy Coalition, and is governed by a 12 member Board of Directors. Consider Biking is also a member of the Community Shares of Mid Ohio Workplace Giving federation and recognized by the Columbus Foundation.

You can join in three ways:
  1. Go to our website and join on-line via Paypal
  2. Mail a membership form to P.O. Box 937, Worthington, OH 43085
  3. Join at one of our Bike Shop Retail Partners - read on below...
Please visit these partner bike shops as soon as possible, and join Consider Biking!

Bike Source - 3 Stores - Clintonville, Sawmill, & Westerville
Cyclist Connection - Canal Wichester
roll - 3 Stores - Easton, Polaris & Dayton
Trek Stores Columbus - 2 Stores - Sawmill & New Albany

So, in addition to joining at a reduced rate, you'll also get a new Consider Biking water bottle. Please visit these retailers partners today, and support not only your local businesses...but, your local bike advocacy organization too!

Columbus Recognized in "Most Sustainable" City List
We've known it for some time. Columbus is a special place.

We've also known that we cyclists play a key role in making a difference for the future of our community. Well, it's nice see the validation for our cycling community's efforts.

Read about the 15 "Most Sustainable Cities" (we're #15)

Read about Columbus ranking and the importance of our cycling movement as a critical determinent in this ranking.

Let's keep the momentum, and keep on pedaling! Congratulations.

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