Friday Link-O-Rama 5/8/2009

Eco-Friendly Bicycling Photographer - Russ Roca got a ticket in Long Beach for not riding in the door zone. Which leads him to wonder: what's better - bicycle-friendliness or bike lanes? (via Richard_Florida on Twitter) - Car Culture is in the skids.

Bike Blog NYC - Ever miss driving along with your tunes blaring like you did when you were driving? Check out this little gadget!

BikeHacks - An interesting way to take care of those annoying ride-time maintenance issues like putting your chain back on the gears or changing a tire.

Cyclelicious - Like the idea of Reelights, the magnet-powered flashers that require no batteries or recharging? Well, make your own!

BikeHacks - A new space-saving bike rack is revealed: the Rac Arc!

People, not speed.


  1. Wow, those are some great links! Thanks! :-)

  2. Thanks, Christopher. Friday is sort of my catch-all day, where I post stuff that intrigued me, that I couldn't improve upon with my own comments, and/or I thought would be useful or interesting to all of you!


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