Yay Bikes! Hosting Earth Day Weekend Cleanup of Walhalla Ravine

From Mike Reed:
Yay Bikes! is doing a worksite for The Earth Day Volunteer effort, Picture This 09.

Location: Walhalla Ravine
4/18/2009 10:00am - 2:00pm

Description: Our group will break into three teams to walk Walhalla Ravine and immediate area (Walhalla Rd) and clean up litter, tackle a project to remove invasive flora, and look to clean up the foam left over from the fire at the corner of Weber and High. This is not a kid friendly site.

How to find us: Meet at the corner of Walhalla rd and High st.

work site on the web

They asked for a needed # of volunteers, so if that fills up and you want to participate, just post here. All are welcome. Hope to see you there.

There is a celebration on the 19th in Goodale Park, the following day. info here

Some of you may know that Meredith and I live on Walhalla. We'll make it fun.

People, not speed.