Friday Link-o-Rama 4/10/2009

From Reader "Carrie" - A road rager attacked a cyclist and bit off pieces of his ear! I don't even have the words for this... maybe we need to have a psych exam as part of the driver's license application process!

Bike Hugger - Hincapie Skin Defense, a new product under the George Hincapie label: sunscreen created for cyclists and active folks. The pasty white Jamie is loving the idea of this product!

Columbus Rides - Ray George fills us in on a wonderful opportunity for children and young adults with disabilities to learn to ride bikes in a safe environment! Sounds perfect to me!

The Green Life - Tip-a-day green blog gives biking to work as a great way to help the environment. Nothing we didn't already know here, but it's cool to see other blogging genres joining in the fun! Plus they include the news about the commuter benefits package, so they are pushing the financial nature of it (which is pretty much #1 in the US!).

StreetFilms - The New York based transportation-based filmmaker celebrates creating their 200th short film. This site is one of the best showcases for complete streets ideology of any out there, check it out!

X-ing Columbus - What's the WORST intersection in Columbus, and how would you change it? Check out this link for a contest from Good Magazine and Livable Streets!

Carbon Trace - A little news, perhaps a bit anecdotal but still good advice, about the dangers of drinking and cycling. Seriously, folks - if you're too drunk to drive, you're DEFINITELY too drunk to cycle, and especially since you're not surrounded by a ton of metal and plastic!

Columbus Social Media Cafe - The CSMC is promoting the Columbus Corners project - to document our favorite street corners in the city and show the world why we love 'em! Check out the guidelines at the provided link!

People, not speed.