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Consider Biking Activity Update
April 21, 2009


Consider Biking advocates and promotes all types of cycling - recreational, sport, touring, family and youth. And, although we advocate for biking to work all year around, we join many of our peer groups across the country in focusing on promotion of utilitarian bicycling in May. We're blessed to have a growing "Bike to Work Week" movement here in Columbus, and owe a big thanks to the collective of individuals and groups, that have all thrown great activities into the pot!
Check out for a listing of many events, educational opportunities, and the information on the popular "Commuter Challenge" which will run from May 4-15 this year. It's easy to sign up your teams, and you'll even be invited to a celebration lunch on Friday, May 15.
Also, keep your eyes open to many of our local bicycle shops that will support Consider Biking through membership drives and special incentives during Bike Month in May.
In order to advocate for better cycling accommodations, we need to learn about your bicycle commuting behavior.Take 5 minutes to log your cycling data, and you'll be entered to win gift certificates from our local bicycle retailers. Help you!
And again, thanks to all the bicyclists that provided feedback to the long-awaited Bicycle Usability Map! We previewed a draft of the map at our Earth Day booth, and everyone was eager to get their hands on the final product. We'll have copies at our May 11 event at the Statehouse, and distributed to area bike shops soon thereafter.
Lastly, we're developing our web presence again, and have gotten some "urgent essentials" posted. We're currently devloping a robust site that will serve as the primary information resource for all bicyclists in Central Ohio. Bookmark now, and stay tuned for the launch of a re-designed, content-rich site in early May.
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Metro Parks Levy Bike Ride
Enter your Bicycle Commute Data!
BikeColumbus Recreational Ride
Pelotonia Improves Bicycling in Region
How Consider Biking Influences your Workplace
Join Consider Biking
Volunteer Opportunities

Consider Biking Supports Metro Parks levy with May 2nd Bike ride

The Board of Directors of Consider Biking, unanimously approved support for the Metro Park levy request on the May 5 ballot.
Join us for a "Metro Park Awareness and Support Bike Ride" on Saturday, May 2nd - 1:00 p.m. We'll meet at Franklin Park Conservancy at 1777 E. Broad St, and ride a 25 mile loop down the Alum Creek Trail, to the Three Creeks Metro Park and back. Refreshments (adult & family drinks) will be available afterward. There is no charge or registration for this activity; however, if you could RSVP with a quick e-mail and tell us you're coming, it'd help us fill the coolers appropriately.

Help us Learn about Commuter Cyclists!

logoConsider Biking has launched a long-term initiative to collect data from existing and prospective bicycle commuters, so we can effectively advocate for needed enhancements to the bicycling environment in our community. We're learning exactly where bicyclists are riding to work, where they would ride if certain obstacles are removed, and exactly where end-of-ride facilities and spot fixes are needed.

If you complete the 5-minute survey, you'll be entered into a drawing for one of ten, $25 gift certificates from our local specialty bicycle retailers!

Saturday, May 30 - BikeColumbus Recreational Ride
Bike CMHMayor Michael Coleman, The Institute for Active Living, and Consider Biking, invite you to a day of fun for cyclists of all ages, beginners to experienced. Proceeds support the Institute for Active Living to promote healthier kids and diabetes prevention. A portion of the proceeds benefit Consider Biking.
There are four rides to choose from, with routes of 66, 50, 20, and 7 miles. The 7 mile "Family friendly" route is held exclusively on our greenway paths. Come discover some of the beautiful neighborhoods in the heart of our city, in addition to discovering that you can get a substantial, non-stop, fitness ride without traveling to the edges of our metropolitan area. We're also eager to showcase cycling as an accessible means of health, as we promote healthier kids and diabetes prevention. Flyer and details here (pdf) Registration here

Pelotonia will improve bicycling in Central Ohio!
pelotoniaWe hope you've heard about the exciting cycling event called Pelotonia. It's a weekend event (Aug 28-30) that will engage 2,500 in a premier bicycling event, and likely introduce 1,000+ "new" people to the sport of bicycling. Most importantly, Pelotonia will bring resources and visibility to our mission as your local bike advocates.
Consider Biking enthusiastically supports Pelotonia and encourages you to participate. We know you'll be treated to the highest caliber cycling event we've ever seen in our region! Read more here.
You'll hear Consider Biking discuss Pelotonia more in the coming months; however, we feel you should recognize that this event will get more people bicycling in our community. Events like Pelotonia change lives - both the lives of people with cancer, but also lives like mine! (Jeff Stephens here)
Over 20 years ago, I committed to raising money via a cross-country bicycle trip for the American Lung Association after my father's early death. I had never ridden a bicycle recreationally, but set off across the country with 300 intrepid adventurers. Seven weeks and 3,500 miles later, I was hooked on a bicycling lifestyle that has given me more joy and friendships than I could ever imagine. I've since toured in almost every state of the U.S., raced across America and in Europe, and most joyfully, have joined the merry band of bicycle advocates that work every day to promote bicycling and increase cycling accommodations.
I can guarantee that there are participants in Pelotonia that will become the future foundation of our cycling clubs, teams and advocacy movement. Pelotonia is not only good for fighting's going to be good for bicycling!

We Influence Businesses to Encourage Bicycling

businessConsider Biking has the credibility and knowledge to advise and influence decision makers in matters related to bicyling. We have convened a "Cyclist Corporate Caucus" to leverage access to our region's most significant workplaces, and to create a "Two-wheeling Toolkit" which provides targeted resources for each specific audience within a business. Consider Biking provides the following consultation efforts:

  • We consult with CEOs to unify in developing strong public/private partnerships that will enhance the environment for cycling, and thus, the economic development of our region.
  • We consult with Human Resource departments to develop appropriate incentives for their employees to bicycle.
  • We consult with Wellness Coordinators to include bicycling in the wellness program.
  • We provide "Commuter 101" bicycle education programs to the workplaces, and additional education as needed.
  • We provide consultation to building operations to ensure the availability of end-of-ride facilities.
  • We offer a "Bike Friendly Building" designation program.
Contact us so we can help your business become more bicycle friendly.

Be Counted - Join Today!

Consider Biking is a member-supported organization. We can only accomplish our goals through the support of our cycling constituents. There are over 130 peer organizations across the country, demonstrating a need for cycling advocacy groups. Many of these organizations have THOUSANDS of members, and benefit by the financial support, and the "body of cyclists" that stand behind them when they advocate for enhancements to cycling accommodation.

We'd like to ask you to join Consider Biking. We need your support to represent our common interests in Central Ohio.

You benefit by knowing we'll have the resources to fight for our needs. You'll benefit by knowing that we're working hard so you can "just ride." You'll benefit by knowing we partner with strong coalitions to advance the healthy movement of people, not just cars. You'll benefit by knowing we coordinate unique events that serve some of the dynamic segments of our cycling audience. And, you'll benefit by helping us become the primary information resource for bicyclists in Central Ohio.

Your membership donation to Consider Biking is tax deductible to the fullest extent of the law. We thank you for your support.

Information on membership
Volunteer Needs

Consider Biking needs your volunteer help! Won't you get directly engaged in helping us meet our bicycling community's needs?

May 2 - Calvin's Challenge 12 Hour Race (Springfield, OH) - course marshalls
May 8 - TOSRV Registration Festival - volunteers for display booth
May 9 & 10 - TOSRV - Parking control at Chilicothe Lunch Stop
May 11 - Kick-off event at Statehouse
May 30 - Bike Columbus - Registration, course volunteers, etc.
Ongoing - Event planning & support, committee work, clerical, data entry, map & brochure distribution, general outreach, etc!
Contact us to see how your strengths and interests fit with our activities!

Contact Information

Executive Director, Jeff Stephens - 614-579-1127
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