How To: Requesting Bike Racks in Columbus

The City of Columbus is pretty good about getting bicycle racks set up around town where they're requested. But many folks don't know HOW to request them, so here's the very simple answer: Use The City of Columbus Call Center!

If you're web-oriented, like me, then it's easy enough to visit Columbus's 311 site at Click "Submit Service Request" and then choose whether you want to be contacted by the city regarding your request or not (either way you have to leave at least your email address so that you can track the progress of your request) and click "Begin Service Request" at the bottom of the page. Then just start filling out the form.

There is an option for "Bike Related Items," and then a few sub-options under that once you've clicked that button. It's VERY simple and, in my opinion, well-designed. This is also the site where you can request street maintenance for things like filling potholes and the like, so look around a bit!

If you're a phone-oriented person, the above website has the phone number listed at the bottom left of the screen, but to save time it's (614) 645-3111.

I'm impressed by this offering from our fair city, it's well designed and easy to use. I can't vouch for the response time yet, though the one time I used the website to request a pothole be filled, it was done the next day. So they are most DEFINITELY listening!

People, not speed.


  1. I feel like this article is misleading. I requested a bike rack for a fairly major street in Clintonville back in the Fall, and have yet to hear anything back from anyone. Am I missing something?

  2. I don't think you're missing anything. It might take longer to get such racks in places that aren't a section of town that is getting a lot of attention right now (like downtown) with regard to bicycles.

    Did you get some sort of case number that you can look up the status of your request?


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