WAD Monthly Commuter Ride: The Assault on Cleveland Avenue - Dec. 18th

Not content to sit on their laurels, the activists of the Westerville - Arena District Bikeway Initiative are now taking their ride to one of the most direct routes downtown... Cleveland Avenue!

Brett Allen and company have some great tips and information for the ride at Google Maps, including what to do if you have a flat, links to what to wear, etc. You should also note the change in starting location for the ride.

These are folks who aren't content to let the city do the work of making way for cyclists, they're barnstorming commuters who are going to take the lane and not give it back! Good work, WAD!

People, not speed.


  1. Riding arterial streets is one of the easiest things to do, yet many cyclists find it intimidating. When there's a passing lane available, motorists use it and traffic flows smoothly around a cyclist taking his lawful (and safe) position in the right hand lane. Ride in the right side tire track and cars simply go around. It's amazingly simple.

  2. I second that opinion. To make this a bit more local in focus, I find it much easier to make my way down streets such as Summit, with fewer traffic lights and almost no street parking, than I do to go down High Street with more stop-and-go traffic and street parking almost all the way from Clintonville to downtown.

    You'll hear people talking about being "organic" cyclists a lot, and usually that equates to people who think it's okay to run red lights whenever they feel like it. But there's something to getting your bike into regular traffic and just riding in it. You become part of the traffic and I really believe that people don't see you as so much of an impediment to their speed as you might think.

    Like the ever-wise Ed says... it's amazingly simple.


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