Using Wind Power To Recharge Your Phone While Riding!

One thing that all we cyclists have in common is wind. Even if there's no wind when you're standing still, you're gonna create some as soon as you get on your bike. Now you can take advantage of that wind and use it to recharge your cell phone!

The HyMini
is a multi-functional recharger that works with many of your small electronics. It contains a small Lithium-ion battery that holds the charge, and a small wind turbine to do the charging (it's even got a solar cell for when you're not moving!). And it's got a USB port on it for recharging against your computer at your desk, a conventional 120 volt adapter for home recharging, a small hand crank for when you're really desperate, and more. And when you're ready, you can hook up your phone or iPod or whatever and recharge it from that battery. Pretty smart!

It's available from the Discovery Store and a few other places.

Thanks to Bike Hacks for calling attention to this product!

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