Best of Interbike: Of Interest to Commuters

InterBike is the major bicycle trade show in the US, and is held each fall out in Las Vegas. I've put together this post of what I think is the best of InterBike as reported by my favorite blogs and podcasts.

There's a lot of neat stuff coming out for commuter cyclists this next year, as these reports show. I really hope that we see more cyclist clothing that isn't lycra and skintight, though, and hopefully stuff that's more "business casual" than simply casual.

Still, what's out there is exciting.

The FredCast Cycling Podcast: Interviews from Day 1

The FredCast Cycling Podcast: Interviews from Days 2-3 New Offerings from CygoLite (video) New Offerings from Zoic (Mountain Bike and Commuter Clothing) (video)

The Bike Geek: New Offerings from Planet Bike (video)

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