League of American Bicyclists Shows Who's Trashing Bikes

It's a popular conservative trend to bash the growth of bicycling in this country and most especially to bash the communities that are trying to help foster that growth. And the League of American Bicyclists is outing the trash-talkers on their Who's Trash Talking Bikes? page! The outed include Senator Tom Coburn of Oklahoma, the infamous Representative Patrick McHenry of North Carolina, and Secretary of Transportation Mary Peters.

Check it out... and if you're looking for a candidate, try to avoid these folks.

Thanks to Bike Portland for their coverage of this resource!

People, not speed.


  1. Yeah... Ohio is representin'

    John Boehner, U.S. Representative, Ohio

    What he said:
    "And although this is not an earmark, what I really liked in the bill was the $240 tax credit that we are going to provide every 15 months for people who regularly ride their bike to work for the purchase repair or storage of their bicycle. Now, amongst us, I know there's one of my colleagues that would probably benefit from this. I hope he's going to recuse himself when we vote.” Boehner’s heavily sarcastic remarks were aimed at Congressman Earl Blumeanuer and his proposal to extend commuter tax relief enjoyed by drivers and transit users to bicyclists.

    He concluded: "This is not going to solve America's energy problem. I think we ought to get serious as a country about energy independence and saving our future and the future for our kids."

    I'll let you guess how he voted yesterday on the energy bill.


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