Pedal With Pete: Ride for Pete's Sake, 2008

It's time once again for the 2008 Ride for Pete's Sake, the annual bike ride to raise money for Cerebral Palsy research conducted by Pedal with Pete.

My wife and I have been involved with this charity and ride for a number of years, going back to when we were first married. My brother in law has severe cerebral palsy, and that was the primary reason for getting involved and volunteering to help out. The cycling thing came later, honestly - I think Jenn and I were among the very few in the organization who didn't come to it through cycling originally.

It's a wonderful ride - there are distances of 7 miles up to a century ride. There's rider support, free food, door prizes, raffles, and who knows what all. We've had the CD101 Ice Cream truck there, some ladies giving free massages to riders, entertainment for the kids, and much more. And your money will be going to help fund cerebral palsy research. You can find out more at the above web address.

Also, you can pick up registration forms at the website, or many places around town, including any Columbus area BikeSource (and get a 10% discount on selected items on the day you register!).

Regrettably, Jenn and I won't be able to meet you there this year, as my family scheduled an event for that weekend, but we'll most certainly be there in spirit.

People, not speed.