Mayor Not Supportive, But Won't Veto Child Bike Helmet Law

The Dispatch is reporting that Mayor Michael Coleman is not supportive of the new child bike helmet law, but he's not going to do anything to stop it. Instead of signing it, though, he'll just let the veto period run out, after which point it automatically becomes law.

The mayor apparently doesn't wish to make police responsible for kids' behavior instead of parents, nor does he want kids first interaction with the police to be a $25.00 fine. Understandable, but I don't necessarily agree with him. Still, I'm not necessarily in touch with the relationship between police and kids outside of my neighborhood so he may have a point. I do think, though, that some parents need to be more mindful of what their kids are doing.

The new law doesn't go into effect for a year, and only affects people under the age of 18.

People, not speed.