Chico Bags Make Bike Commuter Shopping Easier!

It's not easy to shop when you're a bike commuter, sometimes. If you're like me, and you are trying to keep the weight down so you don't walk into work a sodden, sweaty mess, then you want to cut down on the amount of stuff you carry. So every little bit helps!

Enter: The Chico Bag. This is a tiny little stuff-sack shopping bag that holds a bunch o' stuff. Here's a picture of one in my hand. The stuff-sack is connected to the bag itself so you're never going to lose it. It's got a little carabiner attached to it so you're less likely to lose the bag itself.

And it holds TONS. I stuffed my kid's "Tigger" stuffed animal into it with plenty of room to spare. It'll be great for stopping at the store to get groceries and not have to keep getting those nasty plastic bags.

I'm sure you can order them online, but if you want to shop locally, I got mine at the Clintonville Community Market.

People, not speed.