How Green Is Your Bike Ride?

For those of you (like me) who appreciate an online quiz now and again, here's one that made me pretty happy. The Sierra Club's How Green Is Your Bike? quiz asks a few questions on your biking experience and habits and then tells you how green you are with your riding.

I was pleased to get a 95 out of 100 - knocks came for having an aluminum bike (steel is the most easily repairable frame, but aluminum is a close second, apparently) and being more likely to stop at a convenience store than to eat off the land while biking. Of course, I'm not sure what they'd want me to eat on the streets of Columbus... but there you are.

People, not speed.


  1. Mulberries?

    But that's not going to be much used to you now. Really, if I get hungry cycling, I usually just go home and eat a sandwich.

  2. Right... not so much an option if you're headed to work. Plus... I've never seen a mulberry growing on High Street. And honestly, not being a berry guy, I wouldn't know one if I saw it.

  3. I got an eighty-something (86, something like that) because I marked "go to the store" like you, though in reality I usually just soldier on and wait till I get home.

    The other thing was the question about favorite riding, which is the quiet country lane, but just because I'd prefer something like that doesn't mean I do it every day, and I fail to see how the occasional recreational ride has any negative impact on the environment.

    The questions about bike construction and weight are a little tricky, because I have five bikes. :-)

  4. 86 out of 100 here... I got dinged for battery powered lights, not cleaning my chain, filling my water bottles with beer and not eating what I find on the road.

    I see the gutter on Trabue. I am afraid to touch that stuff with gloves on. I am not eating that.

  5. Fritz - see, to me, having more than one bike is better because you're recycling. No pun intended. :)

    Rick - I pass through North Campus on the way to work... there's all sorts of nasty crap in those gutters, too.

  6. It marked me down for saying my *favorite* rides were on country roads, telling me I should be running errands. Snork... I'm supposed to like that better? And... I sorta lied about my chains, which I"ve gotten better at swabbing donw but since it was in none of the ways described I went with "aren't they supposed to be dirty?"

    And food on the road? HOw 'bout road kill :D

    And yea, which bike?

    They could have done a true bicycling addict's version... how many of your bikes were rebuilt or recycled... how many *other* people have you gotten to ride to work with you...


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