Radio Days (or is that Daze?)

If you live in the Columbus area and can pick up the Simply Living Radio station at 98.3/102.1 FM, listen in at 6:00 on Fridays for "Cranksters," the cycling show hosted by Zach Henkel. This Friday, you'll be able to hear yours truly and other cycling personalities from Columbus as Zach presents his show on Columbus cycling resources. He features a couple of blogs among his offerings for the week, so listen in!

According to Zach, the 98.3 signals works best in the Central Columbus/Clintonville area, and 102.1 works best on the north side. There are more details at the above link about which stations are easiest to pick up and where.

Also on the show will be Ray George, the blogger for Columbus Rides! His link has been added to the Columbus bloggers to the right as well.

People, not speed.


  1. No, unfortunately. The station is a very small operation and they're working on podcasting but for the time being they're concentrating on other things.

    I have seen links to past shows on a non-podcast MP3, though, I'll keep an eye open to see if the latest show is included.

    My wife heard the show, and she said I sounded pretty good. I think I sound totally congested when I hear my own voice out of my head, but there you are.


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