It's Ambassador Week at OSU

Maybe people are just looking for new ways to work off their aggression after the Bayou thrashing that the Buckeyes took this week, but I've had two people ask me about biking to work just out of the blue recently. That's more than... well, ever.

Tuesday, a fellow named Matt saw me on the shuttle between our building and the hospital, and asked "are you that guy who bikes to work?" Of course, I answered in the affirmative, and then he asked the big question: "do you ride through the winter?" Again, I answered yes.

He told me about how he likes to bike down here during the more pleasant months, taking the Olentangy Trail from Worthington. But he was finding that he didn't have time to get changed and showered at the RPAC and still get over here by 7:00 (when he starts work). I told him about the shower in one of our buildings here, and we'll see if he gets started. I wished him the best and told him to ask me if he wanted any advice.

Today, just a few minutes ago, a fellow named Aaron stopped me (actually, he kind of had to yell at me since I was listening to some music on my phone) as I stumbled out of the bathroom holding my panniers, jacket, and helmet and was saying that he was a cyclist, too, and that he didn't know where to park his bike over here. He'd biked when he was on the main campus, and I showed him just how nice a place we have to park here (covered, at a main entrance but sort of concealed).

Both guys were pleased to hear that I'd found I was able to get rid of my car altogether, and even looked a little bit wistful at the thought.

I may be seeing a couple of new bikes on the racks in a few days if all goes well!

People, not speed.


  1. Is it really necessary for most people to shower as much as they do? I say no.

  2. In May, 1,000 Central Ohioans will meet at the Statehouse (downtown) for a bicycle ride called Critical Mass. All are welcome. Ride for global reasons, personal reasons, or none at all. Just ride.
    Join the Facebook group: "Critical Mass May 2008".


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