City, ODOT Looking for Pothole Help

Just a quick note this morning - the city and ODOT are looking for help in finding potholes, as usual. I figured, who's going to see potholes and be more affected by them than cyclists on their way to work?

The phone numbers to call are:

City: 645-3111
ODOT: 799-9297

Or you can email the city at

I can think of a couple just off the top of my head that need patching, particularly the one on the west side of the Olentangy/Dodridge intersection that forces me to either hug the curb uncomfortably closely or shoot out into the front of traffic.

People, not speed.


  1. Ha! It's most likely just a list someone will keep till the springtime.

    I personally wouldn't expect any pothole repairs before April.

  2. Tough loss of Ohio State yesterday. When they beat Bradley, I picked them to win the cup.

  3. Well, I wouldn't have, either... but then again, I could be wrong - it was fixed this morning! Good job, City of Columbus!

    OSU was certainly a surprise but I have to say I wasn't particularly pleased with the game's finish - that high kick to the Wake guy's head should have been a red-card, IMHO. But then again, I'm not a ref.

    I'm not generally an OSU sports fan, but to see the soccer Bucks go so far was kind of fun.


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