Trick Your Bike With the Down Low Glow

Normally, I'm against putting flashy stuff onto your bike, car, etc. in an attempt to grab attention. But this little item is not only flashy, it'll increase your safety on the bike:

Check out the Down Low Glow! It uses a rechargeable battery, throws a halo of light around your bike for 10 feet, and comes in six colors!

I don't think it'd be possible to miss someone with this on their bike at night! So much for the "I just didn't see him" excuse from motorists!

I'm currently checking with the Columbus Police to see if there are any sorts of restrictions on such lights (colors, etc.).

People, not speed.


  1. Hear back from the coppers on light restrictions?

  2. Nothing yet... I'm still waiting. They got back to me pretty quickly last time I asked them a question, we'll see.

  3. The Cops in SoCal where I live told me NO BLUE with reference to my tireflies, if that helps.

    Blue is cop light color it seems.

  4. Good advice. This is better than what the Columbus Police told me - they basically quoted the lights section of traffic code to me... no mention of whether colors are restricted at all.


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