The Battery Free Reelight

One of the common headaches with bike lights is battery life. Some lights run off of AAs or whatever, but then you need to get new ones when they expire. Others are rechargeable, but you need to do the recharging, naturally. Imagine if there was a bike light that didn't require batteries!

There is! And it's not one of those hefty dynamo driven lights that make it harder to pedal (though ever-so-slightly), it's the Reelight. It uses a pair of magnets that are screwed onto the spokes of your bike to power the tiny dynamo within the light, therefore effortlessly providing power to the lights as you ride.

Pretty neat - and anything that makes safety on your bike easier is a good thing.

Edit: Fellow blogger and frequent commenter on this blog Fritz posted a review of the Reelight at Commute By Bike. Check it out!

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  1. A tad expensive, yes. But consider how much you'd spend on a light that required batteries. This is a one-time only cost... not bad if you consider it that way.

  2. I can attest to the greatness of the Reelights. They are bulletproof, they've survived, snow, mud, rain, fording streams, jetwashing and are still working with absolutely zero maintenence, no rattles, nothing. Look and work as good as they did over a year ago.

  3. $60 MSRP for the standlight version is well worth the money, IMO. (and you can find this light for less). A fairly minimal and functional battery light is at least $20 for just one light -- anything less than that is generally worthless junk with invisible LEDs. The $60 gets you two lights. I reviewed the Reelights for CommuteByBike.

    Jamie, you should list the local shops in Columbus that sell that light.

  4. Thanks, Fritz. I saw your review and hadn't gotten around to posting the URL yet. As soon as I get a chance to ask around for who sells it, I'll post the list you've included. Great idea!


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