Prisoner of the Slave-Mobile, Day one

I had to leave home at 7:10 this morning to get my boy up to daycare and be able to get back to campus on time for work. For me, this involves going up 315 in Columbus, getting off on 161 and going into Dublin to Dale Road. It's a fairly busy area, but leaving that early in the morning it wasn't too bad. Duncan and I sat in the car and listened to the Wiggles (his favorite music)

It wasn't till I'd dropped him off and had to get back onto 315 to get to OSU (my wife actually works near his daycare, not me) that the trials began.

1. Stop and go traffic to get onto 315. Ugh...

2. I stopped at the bank to deposit a check on the way in. I pulled into the bank parking lot (well, I don't want to call it a bank, really, the one I was at is more of an ATM vestibule with more parking than is needed) and signed the check, filled out the deposit envelope, etc. As I was doing this, some motorhead in a big white pickup and a trailer pulls in behind me and then parks straight in - blocking nearly all my access to pull back out and actually GET to the ATM.

On a bike it wouldn't have been an issue, I'd just have hopped around him. But with the car I had to drive on the grass because motorhead wasn't moving.

3. I had to drop $29.50 for a monthly parking pass for the car - this on top of having to buy more gas since we'll be traveling more miles with me going back and forth to Dublin twice a day.

As I was driving around trying to find a place to park at Bevis Hall (OSU's Transportation and Parking office is there) I wistfully noted the many cyclists who were around, and the very nice bike racks under a canopy at Rightmire Hall, next to Bevis.

4. I feel listless and not particularly energetic today. This is only partly because of the new baby keeping us up last night... and if I'd gotten the chance to have some exercise, I'd feel much better.

Sigh... to quote my brother: "When will this hell end?"
People, not speed.