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The Ohio Hub project is an effort to fix the lack of train service into central Ohio and improve the rail infrastructure in the State. You can read more on it here, but suffice to say that it's a very modern train, with speeds of up to 110 miles per hour, and will put people into various parts of the state (and connect with Amtrak stations in Cleveland, Cincinnati, etc.) quickly and painlessly.

I contacted the project's Passenger Rail Planning Manager, Don Damron, to ask about what sorts of amenities will be available for cyclists. Mostly I was interested in whether there'd be bikes allowed on the train. Here's Mr. Damron's response:

Yes, you will be able to take your bike on the train, panniers and all. Ohio Hub operating policies will provide for and accommodate bikes, just as on-board space will be provided for luggage and other large items. Ride up to the local passenger rail station, take your bike on board the train - and when you arrive at your destination station, simply jump off the train and back on your bike to continue your ride. It will be your fastest Century Ride ever. And it will be that simple. Guaranteed! Now, please write your representatives and tell them that bikes and trains make the perfect combo.

Don Damron
I am now officically ULTRA-excited about this project. I would love nothing more than to be able to hop on the train in Columbus and ride up to Monroe, MI (where my parents live) and visit them in an hour or so, and not have to DRIVE!

So check out the project. Pay careful attention to the maps involved, and see how this project could affect you and your travels. And then do as Mr. Damron suggests and contact your state and federal representatives and voice your support for this project! It's a great opportunity for Ohioans to travel quickly, easily, and sustainably!


  1. That's great. You can take bikes on Amtrak, but depending on the line, you have put your bike in a box (provided by Amtrak for $15). Makes for an interesting departure. Better bring your tools, boy!

    This new one reminds me of a film I saw once:

  2. The past is our future, no? I'd love to jump a train with my mtb and head to CO for some riding, but heck, it takes way too long and costs the same as an airplane. Get a few guys together and you certainly can drive for a whole lot less. It's just wrong.

  3. This is one I meant to post.


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