I've Been Tagged...

Hmmm... A Midnight Rider tagged me in the blogging community's "tell five things that few people know about yourself" tag game, so I guess I'll have to come up with some things:

1. When I was in fifth grade, I played Winthrop Paroo in our county community theater production of The Music Man. Yeah, I was our county's Ronnie Howard for a few weeks. If you've seen the play/movie, you know that the character had a lisp. Well, the nicest comment I got was that "that young man has such a nice voice, if only he didn't have that speech impediment." Heh... the only speech impediment I have is too much volume (according to my wife)!

2. As often as I can get away with it, I don't wear pants. I'm a kilt-wearer out of the office (and off the bike). I have two Utilikilts, a khaki Original and a brown Workman; and three traditional tartan kilts, a Black Watch, an Irish-American, and last but not least a Clark Ancient tartan kilt that my wife (a Clark) gave me! Kilts are much more comfortable than pants, any day. I've worn them to the last two weddings I've been to including one in St. Petersburg, Florida, and it's always cooler and more comfortable than pants. I haven't tried biking in a kilt yet... I don't think it'd be that comfortable, what with sitting on the pleats on the bike... but we'll see.

3. I love just about anything to do with Tiki Culture - also known Polynesian Pop. I'm constantly torn between redecorating my home as either an Irish Pub or a Tiki hut. Let me tell you, Aloha shirts and kilts look pretty good together.

4. I was in Army ROTC in college and was hoping to go active duty after I graduated with my BA and a second lieutenant's commission in the Armor branch, but President George H. W. Bush decided that it was time to reduce the number of folks in Active Duty. Basically I took my Armor Officers' Basic Course and that was it - I couldn't even find a reserve unit with all the active guys looking for reserve slots. I was officially discharged from the Inactive Ready Reserve in October, 2001.

5. My senior year in high school, I entered a lip-sync contest with four of my friends. The song we picked was "No Sleep Till Brooklyn" by the Beastie Boys. We were disqualified from the contest after some of the teachers thought we were a little bit out of control. One of my friends dropped his pants during the routine and mooned the entire audience with a pair of yellow briefs with "Beastie Buns" silk-screened onto the rear. When the local Public Access TV station aired their tape of the contest, they blanked the screen during that part. I'm such a rebel.

Man... who to tag? I think I'll pick...

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  1. RYN about the NASL. It was Philadelphia Atoms. I did end up playing a week with the Miami Toros in the ASL. The contract was even less than Phily.


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