Columbus Cycling Wish List #2: More Access to Paths

The second item on my wish list just occurred to me. There are lots of good multi-use paths in Columbus, but it seems that access to them can be hard to find at times. I'd like to see there be more entrances to the paths - perhaps one every 1/2 mile or so. I'd think one per "major" road that the path crosses/passes over would be adequate.

Edited 7/16/2007 2:26 pm: Meredith posted a comment about improved signage for the trails, and I couldn't agree more. I feel there should be a sign on major cross streets and right in front of any entrance to the trails to let folks know where they are. So for example, on the Olentangy Trail's entrance at Clinton-Como Park at the west end of Weber Road, there should be a sign right at the entrance on Weber Road, and also one at Weber Road and High Street.


  1. And signage! I don't bike north on the Olentangy path, but some friends who just did for the first time reported that at two points the path stops and jogs, but there are no indications of where the jog actually is. They couldn't tell whether to turn right or left to get to the connection.

  2. I'd be interested in where this occurs, as well. They may be talking about the section between Clinton-Como Park and Northmoor Park.

    If you follow the Bike Route signs there, it's pretty clear, but it's most certainly not obvious that following those signs is what you should do at that point!


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