Columbus Cycling Wish List #1

In looking around the city at the cycling infrastructure, I've noted some things that I think could be better (and realistically so, I think - no pipe dreams allowed in this particular post). I'm going to start a wish list for my thoughts about ways to improve things for the various cycling infrastructure meetings that are upcoming in town... starting with:
No parking on streets designated as Bike Routes. The purpose of a bike route is to give cyclists a place to ride safely. The city has many bike routes; in fact, one runs by my house on Calumet Street. But it's a street that has lots of street parking, which isn't safe for cyclists who are trying to avoid being doored. Remove the street parking, put in bike lanes in place of those former parking areas, and you create the very environment that bike routes are supposed to have.


  1. Is there a decent online map of the bikeways in the city that anyone knows of?

  2. Depends upon your definition of "decent" and also of "bikeways."

    The Columbus Greenways links to the right on this page (under "Links of Note") show all the Columbus multi-use trails. The independent site is better than the official one...

    As far as streets marked as Bike Routes, I haven't ever been able to find a map of all those. A pet project of mine for the future is to map some of these (as many as I can find, actually) into I think that would be a valuable resource.

  3. I am looking for a map of the street bike routes as well. Your project would be helpful. Has anyone tried contacting the city about this?


  4. Not that I know of. My guess is that they're going to hold off doing anything on this until they've finished the survey and gotten their city bike plan together.


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