Columbus Alive Features Bike Articles

It was a bit weak, but Columbus Alive made the effort to show a bit about bikes and how to get around in Columbus this week. The article with B1 Bicycles' Casey Karnes was good, and alert reader B Adler gave me a link to video of the interview, which goes a bit further than the original article did. They also did the predictable "required gear" page and a feature on the various multi-use trails in town.

I know they had the best intentions in mind, but it bothered me a bit that they did the interview with Casey Karnes who talked about bicycle commuting a bit, and then did profiles on the various bike trails avaiable in town, trails which exist primarily for recreation. I know people DO use them for commuting, but the whole point is that streets don't exist just for cars - they exist for people. And that includes people who ride bikes.

Still, kudos to Columbus Alive for putting out the articles... this is the time to promote bikes!