The Practical Pedal: New Magazine for Bike Commuters

If you've ever tried to peruse the bike magazines at a newsstand for information on what might be useful for bike commuting, you probably walked away disappointed. There are plenty of publications for racers of all types, bike industry wonks, "extreme" cycling and cycling culture, but there is nothing for people who simply want a publication with articles about using your bicycle as transportation...

Until now.

Meet the Practical Pedal. Here's their own description of what their magazine is all about:
The Practical Pedal is a quarterly journal of practical bicycling. What's practical bicycling? It's bicycling for transportation, be it on the daily commute, the run to Costco, or a trip around the world.

Bicycling is good for the environment, good for the body, and good for our cities. We're convinced it was a mistake to relegate the most efficient means of transportation devised by man to the aisles of recreation and sport alone.

The first issue of the Practical Pedal will be out this summer.
Sounds like it's going to be right up our alley, doesn't it? Well, I've already subscribed, and if you go to the website above you'll get information on how to subscribe as well. I should also probably mention that the thing is FREE for the first four issues... according to the website.

They also have a blog if you're interested in keeping up with another cycling commuter's adventures (but don't stop reading here! ;)).