New Cafe Press Store

I've opened a Cafe Press store with t-shirts and some other things that sport a design I put together. I hope you like the design, if not I plan to come out with some others as well. Some may be a little more locally-oriented than the one I have up there now, some may be more general. It depends on when the muse strikes me.

This prompts me to ask a question, and I will NOT be offended by your answer at all. I was wondering if you, the folks who regularly read my blog and comment on it, would be interested in being informed of new items I have for sale in a newsletter.

I would probably only put out a couple per YEAR - I'm not that prolific an artist or designer. If you would be interested, let me know, either here in the comments or you can email me at jfellrath AT gmail DOT com (you know the drill here).