A Billion Bikes.com

One of my favorite media coming from the internet is the podcast. For those of you who aren't familiar with podcasts, think of it as a downloadable radio or tv show that you can watch/listen to at your convenience. I listen to several podcasts from National Geographic, a few music podcasts, some environmental news podcasts, and even a couple of cycling podcasts. As I don't have a video iPod nor do I have time to watch it while commuting to work (or the ability - as my hands are on the handlebars!) I watch video podcasts at home instead of TV on a regular basis.

One podcast that I've recently picked up is A Billion Bikes.com - it's a podcast about different cities around the world and how they integrate cycling into their normal traffic culture. I've watched the first couple of episodes on Copenhagen, Denmark (the first two of five) and I am SO envious. I wish I could send this to Mayor Coleman and the entire city commission to watch... this is like a dream for bike commuters and all the benefits are clear. But the nice thing about this podcast is that it also concentrates on the things that cities are doing to make their cycling infrastructure better - even in cities like Copenhagen where the situation is already one of the best in the world.

I highly recommend you watch this one!