Friday, March 9, 2007

I Wish My Commute Was Longer

There's something you'll never hear a motorist say... mostly because they feel like the guy over there <== when they get out of the car.

With a commute of just 1.6 miles, I have absolutely no problem with timing it or reacting to traffic issues (I mean, what cyclist does?) but I do wish it was a bit longer so I could enjoy the ride. A couple days ago I commented briefly on how I've reached the point of no return with my commuting - I'm not giving this up for anything. I have less stress, I am outside enjoying myself (heck, I'm even enjoying the rainy and cold rides!), I'm practicing what I preach environmentally, and even though the ride is short I'm getting a brief workout.

I just wish I could ride a little further sometimes. I was just getting my swerve on today when my office creeped up on me and beckoned me within. I was even starting to sweat a bit, something I don't have to do on the way to work much since it's mostly flat or downhill. And it felt GREAT!

Oh well... maybe they'll move our office again...

1 comment:

  1. Heh, that's pretty good :-)

    I used to have a 20 mile bike commute. I was *very* glad when I moved and shortened it to 6 miles!

    These days my commute is multi-modal -- bus + train + bike, with the bike portion being less than 4 miles, but I can extend that if I want. Tuesday, for example, my round-trip bicycling was 54 miles.