Adding to the Commute

Last night my wife wasn't in the mood for cooking so we ordered out to the local Middle-Eastern restaurant in our neighborhood (about three blocks away). And, for the first time, I biked it with a backpack to carry the food.

It was dark, so I had to put on my lights and vest, but it was easier than driving. I didn't have to ride around looking for a parking space forever (though I did have to chain my bike to a street sign since the place has no bike racks), and I got a little extra exercise. I'm not sure why this never occurred to me before... but it felt good to do it.


  1. I bike downtown to get milk (uphill trip home is fun...grunt!) Takes less time not having to park the car and a bit more exercise works for me! My wife scoffs at biking and the kids are a bit lazy, but I persist!


  2. I can't imagine what it'd be like to have a family that wasn't supportive of my efforts. My wife thinks it's great (though she isn't always in the bicycling mindset - she's excused because she's pregnant with our second child right now).

    I'm curious - why does she scoff? What exactly does she scoff at?


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