Urban Environment Report: Not Good for Bike Commuters

The Earth Day Network released it's Urban Environment Report last week, which ranks 72 major cities in the US on a number of environmental factors. Columbus does... well, fair-to-bad on most of them. But the one that is probably the most important for bike commuters, air quality, we rank 60th out of 72 (our very worst ranking of all). Here's the link, and here's a link to the detail for air quality and the factors that give us that ranking.

I rode to work without my balaclava on this morning for the first time in a while, and the one thing I noticed almost immediately upon leaving my neighborhood and getting onto High Street was the exhaust. ACK! That can't be good for us, right?

I'm in the midst of reading the mayor's state of the city speech and seeing what it says about bicycling, if anything. I'm also curious to see what it says about the environment as these two topics go hand in hand. I'll get back later with more.