There's a Fog Surrounding Me...

I've mentioned the problem I've had with my glasses fogging over. Now, I don't wear prescription glasses. I am referring to protective glasses - sunglasses or whatever. The ones I have aren't sunglasses but rather slightly polarized glasses that can be used day or night (Tifosi Slip T-V130, with their Light Night Fototec lens, for those who are equipment buffs). I use them only for cycling and even kept the keen carrying case with which they came.

But this isn't about my glasses per se... it's about ways to keep cycling glasses from fogging.

There are lots of anti-fog products on the market, that's for sure. The ones I've had the most experience with were for swimmers' goggles. I'm not sure how those products would work with glasses instead of goggles - goggles for swimmers are air- and water-tight so I question how glasses (which are obviously neither air- nor water-tight) would work. And for the most part, when I wanted to de-fog my goggles or mask, I'd use the swimmer/scuba trick of spitting into them, rubbing the saliva around inside them, and then rinsing them off. It worked, I kid you not, but it's hardly the best option for a cyclist (and it doesn't work real well. Trust me, I tried it).

Urban Bikers' Tricks & Tips: Low-Tech & No-Tech Ways to Find, Ride, & Keep a Bicycle by Mr. Bike (Dave Glowacz) suggests the following: get a piece of raw potato and rub a piece of it on the each side of your lenses so that the juice is all over. Dry the lenses but don't RUB them (I suppose, just blot them) with a lint-free cloth or paper towel.

I've not tried this one yet, myself. It seems the cheapest way to do it, that's for sure. I'll have to get some potatoes and give it a whirl.

If anyone else has any ideas or solutions on this, please share!