Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow!

After my post on taking public transportation on the frightfully cold days, you may be wondering what the difference is between a day like today and those days. I mean, I rode to work today in the snow.

And honestly? It was FUN! Sure, I took it a little slower than usual and did the old kid-on-a-Huffy trick of riding with both feet out to the sides a couple times when I skidded a bit, but with the schools closed today, traffic was actually much better than normal. That meant less exhaust to breathe in, and more fun!

When I got to work, I did have one guy who looked at me somewhat incredulously and asked "so, how did THAT work today?" I still had my balaclava on, so in my ninja-like way I told him that it was fun, no worse than driving as far as traction goes. I'm not sure he bought it, but I find that just stating things matter-of-factly is the best way to go with this.

Some things I did note:
  1. Try to stay in the ruts that previous cars have made. You'll skid less.
  2. If you have to cross ruts, take them as nearly perpendicular as possible. That'll knock you off your path much less (if at all) than taking them at an angle.
  3. Take it easy. You'll get there (strangely enough, that was my attitude when I drove a car, too... and I never had accidents).
One problem I did have was that my glasses fogged up more than usual. I've discovered that wearing the glasses with a balaclava tends to make them fog up a lot, as the warm breath being pushed up through the balaclava's eye-hole goes right behind your specs. So I am going to have to look at some anti-fog treatments for the glasses.

But if you didn't bike today, why not? It wasn't cold out like it was last week. And the snow isn't as much of a problem as you'd think. So give it a try next time!


  1. Foggy glasses were a large reason I got lasik surgery a couple years ago. I never did find a good way to keep fog from gathering on my glasses. I tried anti-fog treatments, and even fog-free skiing goggles over my glasses. Nothing worked.

  2. And I second your thrill of cold weather rides. It's warming up here now (SW Idaho), but all winter, I was amazed at how many times my coworkers were incredulous when I'd arrive warm and toasty, even on the most bitterly cold days. I smiled and said "great ride, great ride," and they shook their heads.

  3. I'm just wearing protective glasses as I don't have any prescription eyewear, but the problem is the same. Like I said, the ones I have are good as long as you're moving, but if you're stopped for a traffic light then they start to fog up, particularly when wearing a balaclava.

    Eventually I'll get around to searching for and posting answers to this problem. Stay tuned!

  4. Re. Cold weather rides:

    I just got another "So, you don't ride your bike to work in this weather, right?" this morning when I was going in to make some noodles in our kitchenette here at work. I sort of nonchalantly said "Um... yeah, I do."

    And of course, the lady asking me stopped dead and stared at me as I told her that I was nice and warm, and probably was getting better traction during our recent winter storm than the cars.


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