Bike Commuting Feeds

On the left side of the screen on this site, I'm sure you've noticed my archives and links to other Columbus bicycle-related websites. Below that, I've added some RSS feeds to a couple of other very good bicycle commuting blogs.

Paul Dorn's Bike Commute Tips Blog is from a cyclist based out in San Francisco, where they're a bit more developed than we are here in Columbus for cycling commuters. Aside from just containing great news stories and tips about bike commuting from all over the world (seriously!) I find it interesting to see what problems and solutions various communities have found for the issue of increased interest in bicycle commuting. Paul's site is excellent for this.

Commute By Bike
is a similar site. It's a little bit newer to me but I thought the information might be good for everyone as well. They are also in the Bay Area of California, but with multiple authors they have a little different take on things.

If you know of a blog that you think I should add a feed for on this site, let me know at