Dispatch Features Bike Commuting Tips Article

Today's Columbus Dispatch features an article by Joe Blundo with tips from veteran bike commuters giving their best tips for new bike riders for Bike to Work Month.

Please be sure to read it wearing your special safety goggles - a couple of the pictures aren't fit for publication.  ;)

In all seriousness, thanks to Joe for his attention to this issue and I'd like to commend all the respondents for their great tips!

Some interesting takeaways from this:
  • All the respondents mentioned riding slowly.  Definitely better for safety if you're riding slowly and in control.  
  • Everyone also eschewed "bike clothing" as much as possible.  That surprised me, pleasantly. 
  • Blundo did a good job of addressing some of the key points that people come up with about why they can't bike commute with the tips he picked.  
  • Loved Alec's off-the-cuff comments about the two-mile rule.  Great point, Alec. 
  • Also loved Jessica's comment about "it's not a one-year phase."  Nope.  This has gotten bigger every year since I started paying attention, and it's all good.  There are fads and there are cultural shifts - this is most definitely the latter!  

People, not speed.